Sluggish Reaction: Picard episodes 9 and 10

I liked it!! I’ve seen a lot of headlines saying the finale was disappointing or divisive or whatever but I chose to ignore them and I found the finale a thrilling conclusion.

I wanna say…flowers?

The whole orchid sequence was so bizzare but in a good way, which is what Trek is. I live the notion of these Synthetic beings developing an organic defense mechanism. It really helped show that these aren’t just robots, they are people.

My one disappointment is that they took down the Borg cube and crashed it. Seeing it appear only to be immediately taken down was a bit deflating. The setting was cool, especially fir Seven’s fight with Narizza but I wish the cube had had some impact, perhaps holding off a Romulan scouting party before the main fleet arrived.

That’s not Data…it’s Brent Spiner!!

While I briefly hoped that Data had found a way to become an organic being it was really cool that they brought Spiner on screen as Altan Soong. I thought Spiner played the character and established him as separate from Data early on. His turning on Picard was understandable given the threat his people faced so it made sense also when they reconciled.

I’m number one baby!!!

The action was non-stop. Narek teaming up with the La Sirena crew to try and destroy the transmitter and Picard using decoys to delay the Romulan fleet. It was great and kept you guessing the whole way through as to how it would end. Seeing a massive Federation fleet show up was epic and having Riker lead it was a great touch.

There’s always another Patrick

I’m starting to think Patrick Stewart has a revival clause in his contract!! His coming back from death into a new body felt very reminiscent of Xavier’s return in X-Men 3. That said it was well set up and fit with the plot which centered on life in different forms. And I definitely won’t complain at getting more Picard!!!

Those are my thoughts. One criticism would be that it left a lot of loose ends, such as what will happen to the xBs, especially given that Seven has joined the crew. But a finale should deliver on emotional impact which it certainly did and hopefully they’ll pick up on some of these threads in season 2

Overall it was a very enjoyable series. I still think they went too far in making it ‘mature’. But the blend of classic Trek feels with modern sci-fi action really worked for me and I can’t wait to see more!!

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