3 Assassins, 3 Templars (I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed III)


So…I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed III for a while now off and on. Obviously this is such an old game that I’m not going to bore you with my progress but I have ended the lives of two Templars and recruited three new Assassins and so I’m going to write about that for a bit if you’ll indulge me.

Stephane Chapheau

Assassin's Creed® III (3)

Stephane Chapeau was a French Cook from Canada. After settling in Boston he was harassed by tax collectors until aided by Connor. He initially offered to buy Connor a drink but after hearing him, swore his allegiance and became the first recruit of the reforged Colonial Brotherhood. He was influential in aiding Connor at the Boston Tea Party and aided him in many other missions.

Clipper Wilkinson

Assassin's Creed® III (6)

Ok, I’ll be honest I have zero recollection of recruiting Clipper so I’m just going off what I found on the web here! Clipper fell out with his family, who supported the Royalists and, when he saw young men being conscripted into the Army he fell in with the Patriots. After seeing Connor show up the British in Boston he sought his aid in removing conscription agents in Boston; eventually eliminating the lead officer with his excellent marksmanship. After learning of the larger Templar threat he pledged his skills to the cause of the Assassins.

Duncan Little

Assassin's Creed® III (7)

Duncan Little was the nephew of the British Assassin ‘Miko’ and witnessed his death at the hands of Haytham Kenway at the opera house in London. After spending years as a priest and missionary he traveled to America where he settled in Boston and became a local peacemaker, helping to settle people’s disputes. After tackling a gang of mercenaries with Connor’s help he decided to join the Colonial brotherhood. He would later save Connor’s life when he was falsely put on trial for attempting to assassinate George Washington.


aaand, now on to the Templars. (Spoiler alert – they dead!!)

William Johnson

Assassin's Creed® III (5)

Born in Ireland Johnson was quick to profit from the colonies in America, setting himself up as a wealthy and influential landowner. He soon fell in with the Templars and used his influence to aid their cause. When it was discovered that the First Civilization temple was in Mohawk land he attempted to purchase the land to enable the Templars to search unhindered. His first efforts to raise funds were quashed by the Boston Tea Party, instigated by the Assassins and their allies. His later attempts were a failure and ended in his assassination by Connor. Despite his greedy and selfish nature he truly believed that his purchase of the land would ultimately protect the native people from the Colonists.

John Pitcairn

Assassin's Creed® III (4)

John Pitcairn was a pain in the neck to kill (pun intended), though when I eventually air-assassinated him it was quite satisfying!! Pitcairn was raised in Scotland but left to join the Royal Marines then eventually settled in the Colonies. He gained rank and influence in the British Army but needed to be rescued from General Braddock by Haytham when he infiltrated the General’s camp. While retaining his service with the military he helped the Templars gain influence with the native people by freeing captives. He led the Patriot forces at Lexington and Concord and was but was slain soon after when Connor infiltrated his camp to halt the Royalists progress.

Thomas Hickey


Thomas Hickey can, perhaps, not truly be called a Templar. He was a member of their ranks and knew plenty of their secrets but ideology and world domination meant nothing to him. He knew that the Templars would bring him wealth and comfort in exchange for his loyalty and service so he became a willing lapdog for Haytham Kenway. Hickey was to carry out the plot to murder George Washington and even succeeded in framing Connor for attempted murder but after he escaped Connor pursued hickey end ended his life

Thank you for indulging me – I’ll update the next time I kill a Templar or recruit another Assassin!!




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