Species of the week: Gibborim

Designation: Sentient

Notable members: ‘Jonah’

Fandom: Marvel [MCU]

Appearances: Runaways

The Gibborim are an advanced race, who are ‘beings of light’ capable of creating powerful, and beautiful, emissions of energy. They travelled across the stars in organic spacecraft that contained their essence. One ship was stranded on Earth. One of the Gibborim escaped and survived by inhabiting human bodies. The bodies decayed and needed sacrifices to transfer energy to keep the host alive. While in a host body they appeared to be capable of creating hybrid offspring who were human and retained the abilities of the Gibborim.

I really enjoyed Runaways season 2 and finally getting to uncover some of the mystery around Jonah and his species. Expect a Sluggish Reaction soon

Why #MakeSolo2Happen matters

So today is #MakeSolo2Happen day and I’m excited to be a part of it. In case you’re wondering this is a movement of fans who want to see the adventures that started two years ago in SOLO: A Star Wars Story continue.

I joined this movement thinking ‘yeah why not?’ but it’s become something I believe in. Here are some of the reasons why.

Two years old? You look great!!

Like a certain Wookiee, SOLO has aged remarkably well. It didn’t get the audience it deserved at the box office (thanks to lackluster marketing and an awful release date) but it has a strong fanbase which is growing daily

Since home release, and perhaps more since it finding a home on Disney+, there have been a stream of people who have come out in praise of SOLO and wishing they had seen it in cinemas. The audience, and the desire, is there for a sequel. Now is the time – we just need to let Lucasfilm know

Until we reach the last movie, the last Disney+ series, the last spinoff  and can go no higher

One of the most common responses to the hashtag is ‘don’t know about a movie, maybe a series on Disney+’ to which the response is always ‘yeah, definitely!’ We know with the slate bring what it is a series is more realistic and we’re all onboard with it. We just want more Han and Chewie, however we can get it

Another comment is ‘what about an Enfys Nest series, or Maul and Q’ira? And again ‘yeah definitely!’ to that too! Solo left the doors open to a lot of cool stories and we’re open to seeing them all!!

Very few people have seen the StarCave Nebula referenced in a movie (or Carida, or Teräs Käsi or…)

Something I love about SOLO is it went out of it’s way to make reference to EU (now Legends) material.

It made me smile every time an adventure, planet (or martial arts technique) from one of my favourite books, comics or games was said out loud on screen. It had the balance just right and I applaud the approach and want to see more of it!

I know who you are, you’re the good guys

One of the main reasons I believe in the movement is the positivity behind it all. It’s not a petition or demand, just expressing how much we love the movie and making sure Lucasfilm hear about our passion

If you want an example of the positivity check out this tweet from The Resistance Broadcast podcast, creators of the movement

A tweet acknowledging people who might be against them and giving advice on how not to get bombarded with tweets. In a world based on who shouts the loudest this is a refreshing approach. Please check out The Resistance Broadcast

Take a look at The Resistance Broadcast | Star Wars News Net (@RBatSWNN): https://twitter.com/RBatSWNN?s=09

So that’s it from me. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the fun of #MakeSolo2Happen day

So… I’ve been playing Destiny (The Warmind)

I haven’t played Destiny (or blogged about it) in ages so I’ve started replaying missions to remind myself of the story. I’ve really enjoyed immersing myself in that world again.

The Story

The campaign against the Fallen continues. They continue to scavenge over Old Russia but this time they’re looking for something specific.

Along the Forgotten Shore the Fallen have set up signal amplifiers. After driving back the Devils guarding them my Ghost scans them. I hear Russian dialogue as the signal is decoded.

The signal leads to the Skywatch where the Fallen have set up a data tap. Waves of Fallen come to defend it but I drive them back and destroy it.

After analysing the data the Fallen’s true goal is revealed. Rasputin, a Warmind AI, has somehow survived the Collapse and us protecting something in Old Russia. I pass the news back to the Tower.


This was a fun mission. I liked seeing Fallen tech in use. It’s a bit strange playing as I know that the Warmind stuff only really pays off in Destiny 2

Cool Stuff

I’ve already talked about the Fallen tech like the signal amplifiers and data tap but this mission also introduced a few new Fallen elements.

The House of Kings

The House of Kings are rarely seen but are believed to be one of the strongest houses, acting with brutality towards humans and other Fallen houses alike.

The House of Kings were running the data tap but interestingly it was the House of Devils guarding the signal amplifiers, suggesting a temporary alliance between the houses as they tried to access the Warmind


Complex balls of machinery, Servitors process matter and energy in to the Ether that the Fallen need to survive. They are reminders of how great Fallen civilization once was but now they depend on them to survive and regard them with a revert which resembles worship

Servitors maintain Fallen communication networks, likely through their neural interfaces. They are formidable in combat, emitting powerful blasts from their centre ‘eye’. Servitors are linked to a larger Prime Servitor who is key to the leadership of their House

That’s it for the Warmind. I’m getting into Destiny again so expect more posts soon

Species of the week: Terrantian

Designation: Sentient

Notable members: Luca Brasi

Fandom: Men in Black

Appearances: Men in Black International

Terrantians are a powerful race of beings with a reputation as loyal enforcers. They are dangerous even as infants, though they have an innocent, creature-like appearance, and grow into towering humanoids.

I enjoyed MiB: International, though it seemed to have lost the magic of the trilogy a little. Molly’s journey felt a little rushed, though it was nice to see her first contact with an alien as a child pay off as she became Agent M. Still a fun watch overall.

Species of the week: Flora Colossus


Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: X

Notable members: Groot

Fandom: Marvel

Appearances: Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers


Flora Colossi are massive tree-like beings from the planet X. Their society is ruled by Arbor Master, who transfer knowledge to the young by photosynthesis. Their bodies are covered in hard bark and they are able to regenerate  and grow roots at a rapid rate which can be used as weapons against enemies. Despite their great intelligence their vocal abilities are restricted, meaning they can only say the phrase “I am Groot.” One member of their species joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

I watched Infinity War/ Endgame recently and it put me in a Marvel mood. Plus we have the dancing baby groot toy in our house so I felt like researching his species!


Species of the week: Ugnaught


Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Gentes

Notable members: Kuill

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Empire Strikes Back, The Mandalorian


The Ugnaughts are a diminutive species hailing from the Anoat sector world of Gentes but are a fairly common sight around the galaxy, due to them being enslaved during various periods of their history. They are a common sight on Bespin as it’s original owner bought the freedom of three whole clans of Ugnaughts in exchange for their help building and maintaining the station. Ugnaughts such as Kuill were known as skilled workers and technicians and their services were desirable in those fields. 

Well I’ve finally caught up on the Mandalorian. No more new species (well none with names or decent images anyway) but I couldn’t move on without acknowledging Kuill and the shock of his death. He has gone down as one of the most memorable characters in Star Wars and is “I have spoken” is right up there with the best Star Wars lines