Species of the week: Ugnaught


Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Gentes

Notable members: Kuill

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Empire Strikes Back, The Mandalorian


The Ugnaughts are a diminutive species hailing from the Anoat sector world of Gentes but are a fairly common sight around the galaxy, due to them being enslaved during various periods of their history. They are a common sight on Bespin as it’s original owner bought the freedom of three whole clans of Ugnaughts in exchange for their help building and maintaining the station. Ugnaughts such as Kuill were known as skilled workers and technicians and their services were desirable in those fields. 

Well I’ve finally caught up on the Mandalorian. No more new species (well none with names or decent images anyway) but I couldn’t move on without acknowledging Kuill and the shock of his death. He has gone down as one of the most memorable characters in Star Wars and is “I have spoken” is right up there with the best Star Wars lines

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