Agents of SHIELD: Characters (5)

Akela Amador


Akela Amador was a SHIELD operative who was captured when she disobeyed orders on a critical mission. After being detained in a prison for years she was released by the Centipede group, who implanted a device in her head to control her.

Under their command she completed a number of high profile thefts to fund access to a secure research facility. During this mission she was intercepted by SHIELD, who redirected the feed from here eye to a set of glasses so that Ward could go ahead while they removed the device.

Akela’s hope of finding out why she was being controlled was short lived when it turned out her handler had the same device implanted in his head, which detonated and killed him. She was put on trial for the crimes she had been forced to commit, though Coulson attended the hearing to testify on her behalf.


Doctor Who: New series, new species part 52

Kantroffari (Dream Crabs)


Given that they openly admitted the likeness to facehuggers from Alien I thought these aliens were OK and allowed for a fun scenario with the Doctor and Santa saving the day, though it did get me excited thinking that Santa could be another lost Time Lord, but anyway…

The Kantroffari, more commonly known as Dream Crabs, were parasitic beings that fed on the brain matter and activity of sentient beings. While absorbing their food they projected a dream state into the minds of their victims, even layering dreams to make the victims believe they had woken up. The connection was their weakness, for if a victim could truly wake up and break free of the dream the the crab would wither and die.

Destiny: Guardians


This is my Guardian, Vanar Tohl – sporting the Code Fire chest armour given to him by Ikora Rey when he arrived at the Tower. He was given new life by the Traveler and soon encountered the Fallen, who tried to take it away again. Now in the safety of the Tower he is training to be a Warlock, studying the power of the Traveller so he can drive back the Darkness, knowing that only then will he again know peace.



Guardians are the defenders of Earth, resurrected from death by one of the Traveler’s Ghosts, they defend the last City and push out into the wilds of what was once the Golden Age of mankind. They serve as one if three classes, Hunters, Titans and Warlocks, each capable if harnessing great power against their enemies



While all Guardians can access some of the Traveller’s energies Warlocks dedicate themselves to studying the Traveller and harnessing his power in combat.



Artificial intelligences created by the Traveller, these beings are capable of great power. Besides resurrecting the dead and calling them to be Guardians, Ghosts can craft armour and other items from materials around them and interact with technology, even tech that has been defunct for centuries. Each Ghost chooses a Guardian and serves them alone, guiding and protecting them.



Awoken are descended from Humans who, instead of returning to Earth, fled deeper into space when the Darkness came. Forever altered by their experience Awoken have skins of various colours ranging from pale blues and greys to the vibrant purple of my guardian. Many Awoken still live off world, ruled by their Queen and treating Earth-born Awoken as strangers.

Agents of SHIELD: SHIELD facilities (2)

The Fridge


The Fridge is one of SHIELD’s most secure facilities, housing dangerous artefacts and prisoners that cannot be kept securely at other locations. Some if the items supposedly destroyed at the Slingshot were in facts transported to the Fridge for storage and study. Access to the building was restricted, with personnel only able to enter via a secure checkpoint on the top level.

The facility was initially one of the few facilities to remain secure after the HYDRA breach until Ward, whose cover was still intact breached the facility. HYDRA raided the building, securing weapons and freeing prisoners to keep SHIELD occupied.

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 51

The Boneless


I like the concept as much as I dislike the name. Not that I can come up with anything better, but I’d have preferred a reference to their 2D origins rather than lack of skeletal structure. Anyway I thought they carried off the pretty bonkers concept pretty well in the end.

The Boneless, so named by the Doctor, were a group of beings from a two-dimensional universe. Draining dimensional energy from the TARDIS they began to adapt to a three dimensional plane until they were sent back by the Doctor who had tried to negotiate with them until they continued to gain energy by killing humans.

Agents of SHIELD: Technology (5)



An extremely rare super dense element long thought a theoretical substance only until it was uncovered by Ian Quinn. A super-dense element, it altered the gravitational fields within itself causing it to be in a constant state of flux. When an electrical current is correctly applied it becomes solid and alters gravity around it – enough to cause heavy objects to become weightless or alter the pull of gravity in an area

Neodymium laser grid


A super powerful mesh if lasers capable if incinerating any matter that came into contact with it. Completely impenetrable, except perhaps by a well trained monkey…

Agents of SHIELD: Characters (4)



Not to be confused with team member Mack from Series 2, Agent Mack was tasked with transporting Dr Franklin Hall to a secure location when his truck was lifted into of the air by an unseen force. Mack survived the attack and reported the incident to Coulson. (Nice to see the ‘logistics division’ side if SHIELD in action!)

Dr Franklin Hall


A brilliant scientist known for his work on the theoretical substance of Gravitonium. When the substance was discovered by Ian Quinn he allowed himself to be captured so he could destroy it, keeping it out of the hands of people who would use it for harm. To prevent the loss of life that would result Coulson dropped Hall into the substance, stabilising it. Hall however, stayed alive, merged with the substance.

Ian Quinn


The founder of mining corporation Quinn Worldwide the billionaire lived off exploiting the Earth for its riches. He became a thorn in SHIELD’s side after clashing with them over Gravitonium. He manipulated Academy students into attacking their teachers and even shot Skye when he allied himself with the Clairvoyant. After being imprisoned in the Fridge he was released by Garrett and given his Gravitonium back as reward. He remains at large.

In comics


Franklin Hall, later known as Graviton, was a theoretical physicist. A freak accident give him the ability to manipulate gravity and set him on the path of the villain, often clashing with the Avengers. We’ll have to wait and see what the fate of Hall will be in the show