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Doctor Who: New series, new species part 50

Wow, have I really done 50 of these?!

Lunar Bacteria


Not an official name, but slightly cooler than ‘spider germs’ I think. I liked the concept in this episode and these creatures provided a credible threat as the team battled to uncover the larger mystery

These creatures lived under the surface of the moon, feasting on the organism beneath it, while harmless to the creature they attacked human visitors to deadly effect.

Moon Creature


Again the concept of the moon being an egg was pretty cool and carried off quite well. My only query would be how a newly born creature could immediately lay an egg bigger than itself in the exact place it left it, but anyway…

It was discovered in the late 21st century that the moon as in fact an egg. The effects of its hatching had deadly effects on the Earth’s weather and climate until it hatched d a new egg took its place as the creature flew off into space.

The Force Awakens: Character names

In a recent post online, the makers of Episode VII have revealed the names of the characters featured inn the recent teaser – in a cool feature they were posted up in the style of trading cards


First we have BB-8, the eye-catching droid we’re all still figuring out how it works. In a recent interview Mark Hamill said that this isn’t a CG model but a physical prop!!


The next name we have is Poe Dameron, an X-wing pilot. The cards also confirm that X-wings, TIE fighters, Stormtroopers and the Millennium Falcon are still called just that


So Kylo Ren is our mysterious crossguard ‘saber wielding baddie – no other confirmation other than that Kylo is a ‘he’.


So the girl on the speeder is Rey, not Kira as the rumour mill assured us.


And lastly we have Finn our pop-up stormtrooper. No last name for him or Rey, don’t know if it matters or not. ‘On the run’ seems interesting, one rumour is that he’s a defector – ‘course there’s plenty of stuff to be on the run from on Tatooine, even for a stormie.

Agents of SHIELD: SHIELD facilities (1)

The Slingshot


This facility was used by SHIELD to dispose of materials deemed to hazardous for any nation or organisation to possess. The materials were send by rocket into the sun to be destroyed permanently.

It was later revealed that the Slingshot was a ruse, with most of the items being redirected to the secure vaults of the Fridge.

The Force Awakens trailer: response

I’m going to post up my response, given a few days to recover, to the trailer, if you want in depth analysis of the trailer look at IGN’s rewind theatre HERE.


I was quite taken aback by this first scene – it seems like this stormtrooper is a character we’re sympathetic too, it doesn’t seem to be a villain’s scene to me. Obviously a return to Tatooine here, where the bulk of this teaser’s action seems to take place.


Absolutely the star of the show here!! So it looks like Artoo fell in love with a football , got married and erm…


I like the new design stormtroopers, I thought one if the few failings of the Legacy comic series was not updating the design of the stormies. Again we seem to be seeing things from their perspective – I’d almost say they’re possibly heroes apart from the end scene.


I like this speeder, a return to the clunky, functional craft if the original trilogy here. Obviously a new character riding it.


Our first shot of the new X-Wings we got a peak of earlier in the year. A glimpse of another planet too. I noticed the pilots still have Rebel insignia on – is the New Republic not established in the new continuity? We certainly get the picture that the Empire is still very active.


What must surely be a new Sith character here, with a cross handle lightsaber that I’m still not 100% sure what to make of yet, but its always cool to see a new style ‘saber in use. Possibly the narrator – so both sides of the force are awakening, what this means we’ll just have to wait a year I guess.


Great to see the Falcon again, here’s our evidence that the Empire are still the baddies, with two TIEs hot on their tail.

Still not enough to work out a plot from, but still so cool to see some live action footage at last

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 49

Skovox Blitzer


I wasn’t particularly impressed by this villain. When I saw the trailer, which seemed to be showing a robotic version of Harris from Mass Effect I was intrigued, but the end result didn’t deliver as an alien death machine capable of conquering worlds. I guess the robot was just a prop, as the episode was more about the interactions between the Doctor, Clara and Danny, which were great, so as such I guess it did its job.

A Skovox Blitzer was a deadly weapon, built with limited intelligence and able to act autonomously if required. A humanoid tope section land with weaponry sat above a propulsion unit. The Doctor encountered a stranded not on Earth which was attacking humans and transported it to deep space away from any conflict.

Agents of SHIELD: Technology (4)

The 0-8-4


Also known as a plasma particle beam, this device was commissioned by a HYDRA scientist and fuelled by a Tesseract power cell. Able to emit a beam of incredible destructive energy when triggered.

The scientist who developed it fled to Peru, where it caught the attention of the government. It was later lost buried in an ancient temple and later rediscovered by SHIELD.

The device was contained in the Fridge, but later liberated by Garrett, who was in turn killed by it, when Coulson recovered it.

Mass Effect: New Concept Art

Bioware have released some new concept art from their upcoming Mass Effect title and they look pretty spectacular. The shots emphasise their focus on exploration in the new – something that had gradually decreased as the trilogy went on.


This shot kinda reminds me of the awesome moon base mission in the first game – if nothing else Mass Effect do a good sky!! This shot highlights the return of the Mako vehicle


Is this the new map system?


This is very reminiscent of the citadel, though in my version of the game it was destroyed. Have they rebuilt it?


This architecture is unfamiliar, perhaps a new race?


This looks dramatic, a dangerous alien planet with weird tech, can’t wait to set foot on this one!


Woah!! Can’t tell if it’s a ship or a station or who knows is there more to fear than the Reapers, guess there has to be a new villain- is this our first glimpse


Another Mako shot, this terrain is very reminiscent of ME1

Very exciting!! The team confirmed there will be new planets and new alien species in the next game and that it will be centred around a new character who I’ll not be a hero from the start like Shepard, but will follow a longer path to ‘become legend’

Big shout to the mass effect wiki for the news

Agents of SHIELD: Characters (3)

Camilla Reyes


Camilla Reyes was a senior commander with the Peruvian Military and a former flame of Coulson.

Instructed to retrieve the 0-8-4, a weapon commissioned for the Peruvian government by a former HYDRA scientist fleeing Germany, she betrayed her friend, believing him to be past his prime and not worth reasoning with.

She was taken to the Fridge for holding but was freed during Garret’s raid on the facility and is now at large.