Star Wars: Upcoming fiction

At New York Comic-con Marvel announced a fourth string to their Star Wars bow in their new series Kanan


The first story arc: The Last Padawan will be set in the time of Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars. The series gives context to the interrupted tutelage of Kan an as a learner under his master Depa Billaba and the affect this has on him as he grows to become a Rebel leader

The series is written by Greg Weisman, who is on the production team for Rebels, and penciled by Pepe Larraz

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 47

Augmented Human


In the future several variations of what we call human exist, two of whom joined the Doctor on a bank heist. I quite liked these two characters, and the episode managed to explore their ‘super’ qualities in a way that have them character depth and not just two dimensional super pals

Augmented humans are equipped with various cybernetic implants that merge with their obtains to allow them to interact with computer systems and even modify or delete their own memories

Mutant Human


Mutant humans were able to show superhuman abilities. One notable individual could replicate the appearance of people she came into contact with. Mutants often struggled with being mistrusted because of their abilities.

Agents of SHIELD: Organisations (1)

The Rising Tide


An organisation of skilled ‘hacktivists’ dedicated to the freedom of information. They are particularly involved in trying to release information about super powered individuals and other information classified by SHIELD.

Skye was a former member of The Rising Tide until she joined SHIELD

Centipede Group


A division of modern day HYDRA, this group of well funded scientists were seeking to create their own brand of supersoldiers in response to the events of New York

Their technology successfully created soldiers with enhanced strength and durability but even after stabilising the extremis element the soldiers were unstable and needed regular treatment. They used ocular implants to control many of their operatives.

Many if those working for the organisation did not realize who they were ultimately working for until HYDRA made their coup attempt an revealed themselves.

The Clone Wars: Legacy


No, not a tie in to the hit comic series, this title describes the remainder of unpublished Clone Wars material.

This covers the recently finished Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir story arc, released as a comic book. You can view some concept art for how it would have looked as an episode HERE

Also, we now have a title for the upcoming Ventress novel – Dark Disciple . Some concept art for this unreleased episode can be found HERE

Lastly, in an exciting turn have released four episodes in story reel form, with original voice acting playing over the pre-vis animations. You can view all four episodes as well as other content HERE.

They seem to be hinting at more content – I’ll let you know when I do

Agents of SHIELD: Vehicles (2)



Don’t touch Lola!

Coulson’s pride and joy is Lola, the cream of his SHIELD collectibles. On top of a range of customisations, including the world’s first GPS, flamethrower and built in machine guns, this modified Corvette is equipped with the Gravitic Reversal Technology modelled by Howard Stark in the Forties – able to hover several feet above the ground and travel at high speed – more than capable of keeping up with modern service vehicles .

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 46

Robotic Knights


I appreciate my ‘species’ posts are getting more tenuous by the minute, but as a unique foe I’m going to post about these robots. I enjoyed the episode a lot more than I thought I would, with the clash of two larger than life characters making for a lot of on screen fun and giving Capaldi’s Doctor some much needed likeability.

The robotic knights were part of a spaceship that crashed in Mediaeval England on route to ‘the promised land’. Using camouflage technology the ship disguised itself ad a castle and its drones as knights, slowly collecting gold to repair it’s systems. The ship and its drones were destroyed in an attempt to take off before the ship was fully repaired.

Agents of SHIELD: Vehicles (1)

The Bus


The main mode of transportation for Coulson’s team, this modified Boeing Globemaster boasts a range of technical modifications as well as a bar… a really nice one.

Designed to function as a mobile command centre, this type of vehicle, boasting an ops room a lab and an interrogation room, was popular with SHIELD before they invested in a Helicarrier.

The plane’s engines can rotate to allow for vertical takeoff and landing, useful for a quick and dramatic extraction. The team came to see the Bus as home on their missions

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 45

(If you’re wondering about the number I’m continuing this post series from my old blog – you can view the previous post HERE

Dalek antibodies


In the second episode of the series the Doctor ventures into the Dalek, encountering these in the belly of the beast. While it was an interesting concept the end fell a bit flat as the Doctor is in dismay at a Dalek who hated Daleks when that was what had them jumping for joy in the first place.

Dalek antibodies are microscopic robots that exist within the body of a Dalek. They destroy any unwanted biological material within the casing by evaporating it using a powerful energy weapon. The Doctor battled these beings when he ventured inside a malfunctioning Dalek

Watch “Star Wars Rebels: “Not What You Think” Short” on YouTube

Star Wars Rebels: “Not What You Think” Short:

The final Rebels short introduces Ezra, the young teen who will be joining the crew of the Ghost as the series premieres next month.

Ezra seems to be more than just a normal teen as he scrounges tech from an Imperial nd seems to be demonstrating his latent force powers as he dodges blasts from the TIE

That’s it from me, I’m still waaaay behind on The Clone Wars so it’ll be a while before I catch the new series so I’m grateful for these shorts to whet my appetite!!

Star Wars: Upcoming fiction

With the recent release of ‘A New Dawn’ – the first in the new line of Star Wars novels (see the IGN review HERE) I thought it would be worth posting about some of the other announced fiction for the new Canon


The first offering is another novel, ad yet untitled featuring fan favourite characters Quinlan Voss and Asajj Ventress. Both Ventress and Vos migrated from comics to the screen with Ventress becoming a key character in The Clone Wars and Voss also getting a mention in Episode III.

It will be interesting to see what they do with these characters, particularly Voss in this novel, which is based on an unaired Clone Wars script, similar to the Dark Horse comic Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir

You can read my, somewhat embittered, review of the other novels in my old blog HERE


Marvel have posted their initial run of comics once they take over the licence from Dark Horse in 2015

Star Wars


While I’m tempted to argue tat this is a rip-off of the Dark Horse title of the same name I’m sure Marvel would argue, and justly so, that they are revamping their original series where Star Wars comics began

The series is set after the events of A New Hope, featuring the main trilogy cast. While I’m still not convinced of what they will do, sticking John Cassaday on art won’t get any complaints from me!!

Star Wars: Darth Vader


Again, covering familiar territory, with Dark Horse having published several Vader series over recent years. However the opportunity to look at things fresh might be a good thing for the Dark Lord

The series is also set between the first two films, with an emphasis on Vader finding out about his son.

Star Wars: Princess Leia


This comic will be a miniseries rather than ongoing like the other two. The opportunity to focus on Leia and give her her own book sounds like a good idea to me.

And that’s it so far. Marvel have announced they will be reprinting dome of their original stories as well as some collections of Dark Horse Comics. I’ll be keen to see if they will eventually extend to storytelling in diverse timelines once the movies are released.

I’ll post any news when I get it.