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World’s Slowest Gamer: Achievements update March 19

Catching up on some achievements I’ve unlocked by uncovering Terminals on Halo 2: Anniversary and having fun blasting enemies to death by enabling the Scarab Skull!

As usual I’ll link to some more comprehensive achievement videos below for the achievements





Also if you’re interested here are the videos for Terminals 2 and 3


Blogga’s Achievements: The Didact Hates Puppies!!!

Hi guys, watch my latest video discussing some achievements I got while playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Specifically I unlocked Pest ControlJust a Taste, and Curious.


If you want to get the Curious achievement I’ve linked a guide I found helpful in finding the terminal


Also if you’re interested I’ve linked the terminal video and the Halo 4 Legendary ending video below.