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Agents of SHIELD: Characters (11)

Hannah Hutchins

Hannah was the safety inspector at a Particle Accelerator in Utah. After an accident caused the death of her colleagues she was blamed but any time she was approached or threatened her antagonists were rebuffed by invisible forces. She feared she was being haunted or punished until SHIELD helped her.

Tobias Ford

An engineer at the particle accelerator, he would create minor faults in order to spend time with Hannah. As a result of one of these a major accident occurred which, possibly due to the Convergence, caused Tobias to be trapped between two worlds. He briefly hung on to existence, attempting to protect Hannah. When he realised she’d been cleared he finally let go.


Agents of SHIELD: Technology (8)

The Berserker Staff


The Berserker staff was a powerful weapon used by Asgardians to create units of special soldiers.

The staff altered the user’s body chemistry, giving them the strength of twelve men, whether they were Asgardian or human, drawing on memories of pain to create soldiers with unstoppable rage.