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Star Wars Celebration: Autograph Hall

The timing of this post comes at a really sad time with news of the death of Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2. It was a great honour to see him at Celebration right next to his most famous character and surrounded by fans.
A big part of Celebration was the Autograph Hall where you could meet actors from the movies. The highlight for me was meeting Peter Mayhew for a photo op.  

Anyway here’s a gallery of the people I saw with who they portray 

You may have noticed a few faces missing – some stars had restrictions on photo taking, but I did manage to see Anthony Daniels and also the top of Carrie Fisher’s head for a few seconds!!!

More Celebration recaps to come.

Watch “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Celebration Reel” on YouTube

More Rogue One content – it was great to see this reel playing around the exhibition hall in London.

Aliens!! We only saw one or two but it reassured my qualm that up till now we’d only seen human characters – but it looks like we will be getting a real taste of the diverse universe in this movie.

Star Wars Celebration: Props and Costumes of Rogue One (1)

I had such a great time at Celebration but this open exhibition of props, costumes and models from the upcoming movie was definitely one of the biggest highlights and a chance to see something really exclusive even though I couldn’t attend the panel. Lots of details from the film were revealed.

Let’s start with some characters…

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It’s awesome to see the detail put into these characters – how diverse they are and yet you can see that they are Rebels just by looking.

We got some good info on Orson Krennic – the Director of Advanced Weapons Research, who will stop at nothing to get the Ultimate weapon finished. We get the idea that it has taken far longer than originally anticipated, I imagine they’d planned on having it up and running before any real Rebellion could start.

Next up we had the new Stormtroopers 

We got some exclusive info from these displays. Deathtroopers are part of Imperial Intelligence and are personally assigned to Director Krennic.

We’ve had the name of the Shoretroopers before but what I was really excited to see was the name of the new planet Scarif where they are stationed

And lastly what I was really hoping to see, some new vehicles!!

The AT-ACT has been seen before but it was great to see a model up close. I originally thought they’d just painted the sides orange to sell more toys, but it’s clear that it’s actually a removable cargo container which makes practical sense.

The new TIE Striker had been leaked earlier but it was great to see this new design. Strikers are designed to work in atmosphere to protect Imperial installations but can pursue targets into space if required.

Lastl something truly exclusive! Our first look at Krennic’s Delta class shuttle!

I hugely enjoyed Celebration!!