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Watch “JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie TRAILER (Ben Affleck – Comic Con 2016)” on YouTube

Pretty cool!! I did enjoy BvS, but for me it failed in it’s main job of getting me excited for JLA.

This trailer has done a better job, it’s cool to see Batman building a team rapidly in response to a serious threat, the characters seem interesting enough to make a diverse bunch. 

I haven’t really followed DC outside of Batman but this trailer is enough to peak my interest in the other characters.


Watch “Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Official Final Trailer (2016) – Ben Affleck Superhero Movie HD” on YouTube

I’m getting in the mood for this non-Marvel superhero movie after this trailer.

I find it intriguing how it is an opposite to The Dark Knight Returns on which it takes many visual nods. In this story Batman is concerned over Superman’s activity which leads to their conflict whereas it is Barman’s return from retirement that kicks things off in the comic