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Watch “Destiny 2 – “Rally the Troops” Worldwide Reveal Trailer” on YouTube

Cayde-6 just keeps bringing it, hoping we get a proper dose of his wisecracking in the game proper.

A good look at the Red Guard Cabal and their leader Gall…like I said I’m pretty ignorant of that rave at present so can’t comment much.

A chance to interact with civilians more seems to be hinted at, giving the fight more context. Also we see a Guardian ship go into combat which would be great to do. 

All looks good so far…

Watch “Destiny 2 – “Last Call” Teaser [UK]” on YouTube

And after their poster they drop a teaser. I loved this little trailer, great to hear Nathan Fillion back as Cayde-6 – almost makes me wish I’d picked Hunter as my class…no offence Gina Torres!!!

As we already saw in the poster it looks like the action has moved into the city itself. It will be great to finally get into the city we’ve overlooked for three years, even if it’s all on fire!

Lastly we got a look at the rumoured Red Guard Cabal enemies. If you follow this blog you know I haven’t encountered the Cabal yet or have any idea why they are mounting this attack.

Apparently there’s another teaser out later this week so it looks like we’ll find our more soon 

Destiny 2


Image result for destiny 2 official image

It’s absolutely no surprise that this game has been announced – from before the release of the first game it was a near-certainty that a sequel would follow but it’s still exciting to see an image from the sequel.

We get a sense that humanity is going to be in a very dire situation, with the last City in flames despite still resting in the Traveller’s shadow. I’m barely half way through the main game, never mind the four DLC sequels, so I can’t guess what would do this but it promises a more dramatic and hopefully tighter story than we’ve got from the first game.

Hopefully we’ll get a trailer at E3!

Destiny: The Hive

After completing a Strike I got myself some new Scalpel Wing armour and some other gear which I may show in the next Destiny post

With my ship fully functional I was called on by the Speaker to investigate Fallen activity in the Skywatch, and area that once launched colonists to outer space. Looking for an area locked down by the Fallen I found a greater threat – the Hive.
The Hive

While humanity have many enemies following the Darkness’s war with the Traveller, the Hive are one of the few races to directly serve the Darkness itself. They hate the Traveller’s Light and will do anything to destroy it, each member of their race is a screaming monster and humanity only halted their advance by surrendering the Moon…or so we thought.


Thralls are a base form of the Hive race, the combination of a spawn from a wizard and a sentient worm. Blind and feral, they charge at enemies eager to consume their light, attacking with nothing but their claws.


Thralls who destroy the Light are elevated to Acolytes, powerful soldiers of the Hive equipped with deadly weaponry. Those who don’t ascend are consumed by the worm inside them. Acolytes pin enemies down with fire while Thralls rush them.

Destiny: The Tower (2)

After defeating Rixis I returned to the Tower to have the warp drive I’d acquired installed. When I got there the news of an Archon’s death had caught the attention of the Tower’s leadership.

The Speaker

The Speaker is a revered role, a priest hidden behind a mask who communes with the Traveller in his slumber, understanding some of it’s mysteries. In the tower the Speaker guides and leads the Guardians.


A student of Saladin, the last Iron Lord, Zavala has a fierce reputation in the Tower, having fought in its fiercest battles. The City’s factions competed for his attention but he chose to lead the Guardians becoming the Vanguard representative for Titans. He keeps an eye on the most significant threats and tasks Guardians to eliminate them.


The origins of the Exos are a mystery even to themselves. Perhaps built to serve humanity in an ancient war or an experiment in immortality (some Exos have memories of once being flesh) these machines are fully ‘sentient and considered part of humanity, with a significant amount of them chosen as Guardians by the Traveller and able to wield his Light as well as any organic.


Behind his wisecracking personality Cayde is a seasoned warrior with experience of hunting humanitys fiercest enemies alone in the wild.He has fragmented memories of his former life, even recalling a flesh body. He took the post of Vanguard when his friend was assassinated, but looks for any opportunity to get back in the field.


A seasoned warrior Banshee-44 has lived through many battles and several mind-wipes. An expert with weapons he relocated to the Tower, selling and repairing weapons for Guardians. He also tasks Guardians with examining the weapons of the enemy for him.

Destiny: The Fallen (2)

My armour hasn’t changed much recently but I do have a new ship ‘The Space-Age Mariner’ thanks to the weekly Sterling Treasures from the April update (also here’s proof I’ve now made it to the Moon!!)
After escaping the Fallen I returned to the Cosmodrome to look for a warp drive to make my scavenged ship spaceworthy. In doing so I ran into and defeated some of the Fallen leadership.

The House of Devils 

The Fallen are divided into many houses, each displaying the colours and emblem of their lost nobility. The House of Devils are at the forefront of the attack on humanity,having lead the famed battle of Twilight Gap on the City. Even now they hold their territory in Old Russia, always within reach of the Wall.

Captains are the fiercest of the Fallen ranks, ruling through gear and brutality. They have the privilege of greater Ether rations and protective shielding and carry blades with which to slay their enemies or put down insubordination. 

Archons are heroes of the Fallen, fulfilling a role that combines both Priest and Warlord. Archons have a close relationship with the Servitors, perhaps explaining their vastly increased size. Fearsome in appearance and in battle, the death of an Archon is a cause for celebration in the City.

The Fallen use Skiffs to rapidly deploy their troops across Earth’s surface, protecting them with powerful artillery 

Watch “Official Destiny: Rise of Iron Reveal Trailer” on YouTube

The next full expansion for Destiny has been revealed!!

The story returns to Earth with a whole new area to explore and a host of new mission and other content.

The Fallen have unleashed a technological virus which the Lords of Iron fought and died to stop. Now Lord Saladin calls Guardians to join him and become a new Iron Lord.

Looks like fun. Glad to see some new story content. Wonder if we’ll get anything else before the sequel next year.

Achievement Hunting (4)


You will be able to tell from this post that I haven’t progressed very far overall in Destiny – in fact I’ve yet to leave Earth. But I’ve enjoyed taking my time through the game and enjoying the variety of activities on offer.

Ship Rite


Rebuild a Jumpship

This achievement comes with completing the first mission of the game, which I’ve covered in previous Destiny posts in more detail.

Dragon Slayer


Kill a Champion of the Dark

This one comes from the second mission where after scrounging parts for my ship I ran into Rixis; an Archon – more on that in future posts.

Blink of an Eye


Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds

I got this in the third mission when I ran into the hive and a pack of Thralls charged me. A quick grenade followed by melee attacks got me this achievement.

A New Steed


Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle

Another par for the course one – I got this for equipping a Sparrow in the fourth mission. It made the storyline a bit jarring as I’d been using my Sparrow for weeks while out on Patrol!

Destiny: Crimson Days


This is my latest look in full Scalpel Wing armour.


Crimson Days is the latest event in Destiny. The festival celebrates what two can do together commemorating all kinds of couples.

Lord Shaxx


Lord Shaxx is a hero of the Tower, famed for repelling the Fallen at the battle of Twilight Gap. Now he runs the Crucible, hardening new Guardians in simulated combat. Shaxx runs an event called Crimson Doubles where Guardians fight in pairs to earn unique rewards