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E3 2016: EA Star Wars: A Look Ahead

So not much revealed but a lot said about what EA plan for Star Wars.

First up shown was the latest DLC for Battlefront featuring Bespin and Lando Calrissian. Announced separately is a VR mission for Battlefront piloting an X-Wing.

Also discussed is the sequel to Battlefront which I’m hoping will feature more story. Some art glimpsed suggests a Force Awakens timeline which would be cool.

Respawn are working on a game which definitely involves lightsaber combat. Stories say this one is set in a completely new era which I hope is true as the best Star Wars games always pushed the boundaries with new stories.

Lastly a good look at Visceral games project. Set in the Imperial era it features great graphics and good potential. They’ve clearly gone all out for authenticity – let’s hope they deliver on their promise of an exciting original Star Wars story.