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World’s Slowest Gamer: Achievements update March 19

Catching up on some achievements I’ve unlocked by uncovering Terminals on Halo 2: Anniversary and having fun blasting enemies to death by enabling the Scarab Skull!

As usual I’ll link to some more comprehensive achievement videos below for the achievements





Also if you’re interested here are the videos for Terminals 2 and 3


Worlds Slowest Gamer: Achievements update January 19

A Happy New Year to you all!


Here’s a catchup of the achievements I’ve unlocked playing Halo 5:Guardians recently…ish!

As I said in the video I’ve embedded a guide to get the skull I unlocked in the game. The tutorial comes at the skull from a different angle to what I detailed ( I don’t jump over the pelican) but I realise it’s probably easier to follow as a video. Do check out their channel for more helpful guides

Blogga’s Achievements: The Didact Hates Puppies!!!

Hi guys, watch my latest video discussing some achievements I got while playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Specifically I unlocked Pest ControlJust a Taste, and Curious.


If you want to get the Curious achievement I’ve linked a guide I found helpful in finding the terminal


Also if you’re interested I’ve linked the terminal video and the Halo 4 Legendary ending video below.


E3 2017: Halo Wars 2

The Flood are back!!

At first I thought this might just be another multiplayer pack but it promises a full campaign as well as multiplayer combat.

We know the story takes place from the perspective of the Banished who you play as, which is a cool twist. My guess is it’s a prequel and some curious Brutes let a flood specimen out of storage which they then have to contain. I don’t want more than that as it would diminish the Chief’s victory in Halo 3.

This is what DLC should be, adding a fun new perspective that’s optional to play – not adding essential content that makes you feel cheated for buying the full game in the first place.

Halo 5: Characters (2)

In this post I’ll be covering the other key characters who appear in the first mission. None of these are new characters to the franchise, but I haven’t blogged about them before so I’ll give a brief overview here as well as cover their involvement in the game.

Catherine Halsey

H5G - Halsey.jpg

Homeworld: Endymion

Occupation: Founder, SPARTAN-II programme

A scientist of incredible brilliance Halsey was brought into the UNSC to combat the growing insurgency threatening stability. Her solution was to create new soldiers by abducting children with key genetic markers and augmenting them to become the Spartans. When the Covenant arrived her Spartans became the key defence against their onslaught. Despite this in the years after the war she was looked upon with distaste for her actions in creating the soldiers. After years of internment and interrogation by the UNSC she was brought to Requiem, where she was captured by Covenant forces. After Spartan-IVs were sent to assassinate her for her knowledge she briefly turned on them, though always following her own agenda. After leading the Covenant to the Absolute Record, which contained the location of all Forerunner technology, she tried and failed to gain control of it for herself. When Guardians began activating across the galaxy she betrayed her location and became a key ally in the attempt to stop their activation. She is currently on Sanghelios, finally reunited with her most powerful creation – the Master Chief.

You can read about Halsey’s encounter with the absolute record in Halo: Escalation

Thomas Lasky

Thomas Lasky, 2557.png

Homeworld: Mars

Occupation: Captain, UNSC Navy

Thomas Lasky first encountered the Chief as a cadet at the very beginning of the war. He rose through the ranks in the war, serving on the Infinity after the conflict had ended. He was reunited with the Chief and aided him during the battle of Requiem. After his superiors refused to fight the Didact he was given command of the ship and it’s battlegroup. He led a second campaign on Requiem to investigate the planet and root out the Covenant occupation there. When the Guardians activated Lasky co-ordinated the investigation from the Infinity then led a tactical retreat when they reached Earth.

You can see Lasky’s early life in Halo: Forward Unto Dawn

Sarah Palmer

Palmer - Scout.jpg

Homeworld: Luna

Occupation: Commander, SPARTAN-IV programme

After a decorate career as a marine Palmer became one of the first candidates for the SPARTAN-IV programme, quickly rising to become the commander of all forces. She co-ordinated deployment during the Requiem campaign and personally led the mission to assassinate Halsey. She continued to co-ordinate Spartan forces, aiding Fireteam Osiris during the battle of Sunaion.

You can read about Palmer’s rise through the ranks in Halo: Initiation

Jul ‘Mdama


Homeworld: Sanghelios

Occupation: Didact’s Hand

A fierce shipmaster who struggled to find his place after the war. He believed the the Sangheli should finish off humanity while they were in a weakened state, but was met with opposition by the Arbiter. He was briefly imprisoned by the UNSC and learned of Requiem and the Didact. He led a group of his people there, reforming the Covenant to give them strength. Upon encountering the Didact he took the title Didact’s Hand, pledging his people to his service. He continued to occupy the planet Requiem after Didact’s defeat, striving to take the planet’s secrets for his own ends. He worked with Halsey to gain more power until she betrayed his location and he was assassinated by Fireteam Osiris.


Halo 5: Characters (1)

I considered adding ‘Guardians’ to the title, but that’s just too many colons!! Now that I’ve finished the campaign I’ll start by looking at Fireteam Osiris.

Jameson Locke 

LOCKE 2.png

Homeworld: Jericho VII

Occupation: Spartan-IV Supersoldier, former ONI agent

As an ONI aquisitions specialist Locke worked on behind enemy lines missions and specialised in assassinations. He profiled the Arbiter during the war and recommended his assassination, even volunteering to complete the mission himself. After the war he led the mission to Sedra and later Alpha Shard to stop an anti-human weapon.

Locke went on to undergo augmentation as a SPARTAN-IV and after several high-profile missions was given command of Fireteam Osiris. He led them into battle on Kamchatka, personally assassinating Covenant leader Jul M’dama. After the battle he was tasked with hunting  the Master Chief, who had gone AWOL on Meridian, narrowly escaping the activation of a Guardian.

In his pursuit he was assigned to Sanghelios to gain the help of the Arbiter, his former foe. He aided the Swords of Sanghelios in liberating Sunaion from Covenant control. Pursuing Master Chief to Genesis he allied with him to try and stop Cortana, rescuing his team and regrouping on Sanghelios following the Guardians deployment.

You can see more about Locke’s time with ONI in Halo:Nightfall

Edward Buck


Homeworld: Draco III

Occupation:Spartan-IV Supersoldier, former ODST

An experienced ODST he participated in the battles of Reach and Earth as well as many other campaigns. Following the war he continued as an ODST alongside his squad, continuing his relationship with ONI agent Veronica Dare on their shore leave. After a tragic mission to his home planet he eventually decided to sign up as a SPARTAN alongside the rest of his squad.

Following the betrayal of Mickey and Dutch’s decision to retire Buck was reassigned to Fireteam Osiris. During their missions Buck was vocal about his misgivings in taking down a hero like the Master Chief but remained commited to the team and the mission.

You can read about Buck’s transition to Spartan in Halo: New Blood

Holly Tanaka

Waypoint - Holly Tanaka.jpg


Occupation:Spartan-IV Supersoldier,f former Army engineer

As a child Tanaka survived the glassing of her homeworld, due to being on a remote part of the planet. She and her father banded together with other survivors to make a living on their ravaged world, eventually being rediscovered by the Covenant and repelling an attack. After the war she joined the UNSC as an Army Engineer. Her service record gained her enough attention to be recommended for the SPARTAN programme, participating in the battle to prevent Jul M’dama accessing the ultimate record. She served as technical expert for Fireteam Osiris.

You can read about Holly Tanaka’s early life and missions in Halo: Escalation

Olympia Vale

VALE 2.png


Occupation:Spartan-IV Supersoldier, former anthropologist

From childhood Vale had a gift for languages, wishing to impress her parents – a weakness Cortana later tried to exploit. During the war she quickly picked up the Sangheili language and even spend time on a Sangheili world after the war. Her expertise drew the attention of ONI who requisitioned her for missions to build contact with the Swords of Sanghelios and she was also deployed to the Ark to prevent the Halo array reactivating. Having proven herself capable in combat she was recommended for the SPARTAN programme and joined Fireteam Osiris, her Sangheili expertise aiding them in their joint mission with the Arbiter.

You can read about Vale’s mission to the Ark in Halo: Hunters in the Dark

Watch “Halo Wars 2: Official Launch Trailer” on YouTube

Runnin’ ’em over!!!

I’m really looking forward to this game, though I must admit to finding the trailer a little bewildering – not that having a little mystery is at all a bad thing!!! 

The trailer makes it clear that the  Spirit crew shouldn’t stand a chance, do I’m guessing some interaction with the Forerunner tech is going to tip the balance.

Not long to go…

Achievement Hunting (6)

I completed a playthrough of Halo 5 and really enjoyed the campaign and I’m really hoping it sets us up for a more epic future for the franchise. My big hopes for Halo 6 and more Chief and definitely getting to play as the Arbiter – a longer campaign would be good too.

I’m going to leave out the level complete achievements as that would make this post extremely long and dull.

Raise your Banner

Changed your Emblem in the Spartan Hub

With this being my first achievement my guess is I didn’t like the emblem I was given as default and needed to sort that out before going any further!!

Your Style

Changed your Spartan’s gear in the Spartan Hub

I got this when I equipped the NIGHTFALL armour set that I got from watching the series on the Halo Channel.

Your Team is Your Weapon

Commanded your team of Spartans in Osiris

I got this one almost straight away, heroically commanding me team of Spartans to get me back on my feet after getting mowed down like a rag doll!

Conspiracy Theory

Found and claimed one piece of Intel

I got this one on the Argent Moon level, where intel was placed on conveniently accessible computer terminals, I haven’t had much luck finding other intel, I’ll probably go for it on my Legendary replay now that I’ve finished the campaign on Heroic.

Waiting on You

Killed an enemy that’s had its armour repaired in Unconfirmed

Not entirely sure how I got this one as my main policy when engaging Prometheans is to take out the Watchers first to stop them doing exactly that!! Shooting at the glowing shoulder parts on a Knight will cause any nearby Watchers to scurry to it’s aid – then repeat and kill the thing to get this one.

Make your Mark

Changed your Service Tag in the Spartan Hub

No idea why I’ve got this one as I don’t really play online anymore – I obviously got bored at some point!!

Icy Cool

Used a Ground Pound on an exterior power core in Guardians on Heroic difficulty

Apparently this is a Rare achievement, though I don’t really know how as it was quite easy to get. One of the Cores is in a cave guarded by two Hunters. At the back of the cave is a small ledge with a turret. Take out the Elite manning the turret then Ground Pound off the ledge onto the Core to take it out instantly.

And that brings me to the end of Halo 5, like I said I will replay on Legendary at some point so expect to see more achievements, plus I will be covering the game in a series of posts starting soon.

Halo Nightfall: Species 

What better way to finish 2016 then to round off a series of posts.

Halo Nightfall gave us a glimpse at a wider range of alien races than seen in the games.



Yonhet are a humanoid race who existed as part of the Covenant fringe. Their population and skills were not significant enough to make them part of the Covenant military, but their skills in uncovering items of interest meant they could act with some autonomy within the structure of their hierarchy.


In their desperation to destroy the Flood the Forerunners developed many plans, including adapting primitive Lekgolo worms to fight the parasite. The plan failed but the creatures were incredibly resilient, with a colony surviving the destruction of Alpha Halo, where they were housed. The colony could combine to imitate the form of it’s victims, including animals and humans.

Halo Nightfall: Planets

While most of the action took place on a broken shard of a very familiar location we did get to see and hear of some new worlds in the Halo lore.



Sedra is a human colony that escaped destruction by the Covenant. Though not insurrectionists they are very much independent, maintaining their own military and government outside of the UNSC. Sedra has a mixed-species population which made it a target for Covenant renegades to test a bio weapon that only affects humans.



Aleria is another colony world that escaped the Covenant war but was struck by severe drought dramatically reducing the population and average lifespan. As a remote it was left to fend for itself by the UNSC forcing the colonists to take help from disreputable partners, even the Covenant.

Alpha Shard


When Master Chief destroyed the first Halo ring it attempted an emergency Slipspace jump but only a small segment completed the jump as the ring broke apart, which was designated Alpha Shard. The combination of the jump and the devastation created a unique element on it’s surface which was harmful to humans until the deposit was destroyed. Orbiting an uncharted star with an erratic orbit and day/night cycle and populated by Forerunner experiments the charred landscape was described as ‘Hell’ by all who visited it.