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Star Wars Celebration: The Last Jedi trailer

I wanted to wait until I watched the panel before sharing my delayed reactions to what we see in this and of course weigh in with my opinion on Luke’s words!!

Image result for the last jedi teaser rey

We open with what looks like stars and transition to Rey. We see a lot of images of her training on Ach-To. It seems that she is maybe not following Luke’s rushed path and will actually take the time to complete her training properly.

Image result for the last jedi teaser leia

When Rey mentions the light we see Leia, it seems she and the Resistance have assumed or been given control of the remaining Republic military. Does this also mean she is sensing the light side of the force in Leia and that she is also one of the Last Jedi? We’ll see…

Image result for the last jedi teaser kylo

Next she mentions the dark and we see Kylo’s smashed helmet – I kinda preferred him with it but I guess it shows him stepping out of Vader’s shadow.

Image result for the last jedi teaser books

Next we see a Jedi library, rumours are the Journals of the Whills are here. I found the background reminiscent of Bendu from Rebels, wich given the reference the the Balance could be significant.

Image result for the last jedi teaser crait

Next we jump to these cool craft. At first I thought they were pirate-y type ships but they’ve been confirmed as Resistance craft and you can also see they’re headed towards some AT-style walkers. This planet has been confirmed as Crait, the site of a Rebel base and will be significant in the film.

Image result for the last jedi teaser poe

Next we see Poe and BB-8 in an emergency on a Resistance base/ship. I was worried that BB-8 didn’t feature much in this trailer, but in the panel Rian Johnson stated that his biggest advice from JJ Abrams was you can’t get enough BB-8 so I’m relieved about that!! We also see A-Wings here and later in the trailer.

It looks like we’re going to get more information on the destruction of Luke’s Jedi, which has fueled his decision to end the Order.

Image result for the last jedi teaser space battle

I just love seeing big space battles so this was probably the highlight for me. Again I assume this is a Republic fleet now commanded by the Resistance. Rian said the that First Order are hitting the galaxy hard so my guess is this takes place near the beginning of the film, with maybe Rey sensing the turmoil in the galaxy but Luke urging her to complete her training. I like the ships, I think they evoke the style of the Nebulon-B and Hammerhead ships of the Rebellion while still looking  original. I am mentally pre-ordering the visual dictionary already!!

Image result for last jedi luke cave

We finish with Luke’s words – “it is time for the Jedi to end.”

The prevailing opinion is that Luke is dismissive of the Jedi way and will create a new balanced “Grey” order. I disagree.

My basis for this is Luke’s quest to find the origins of the Jedi and also his response to Rey – “there’s so much more.” I believe that Luke has discovered the original purpose of the Jedi Order, which has now been fulfilled and it is time to transcend and create something new. Something in those books has given Luke a new understanding of the Force which will change the way they interact with it.

I have no idea if I’m right, but either way I can’t wait to find out!!!


Watch “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING – Official Trailer #2 (HD)” on YouTube


Looking good Spidey!!

Spider-Man was easily the best part of Civil War, bringing a good dose of Marvel humour to what would otherwise have been an overly depressing film so it’s good to see him getting his own flick…if you’re ok ignoring the previous five movies!!

The trailer seems to be hinting at an Iron Man 3 style plot with Tony taking away Peter’s suit and then Peter proving himself without it. The Vulture looks cool as a villain too.

The Force Awakens: Vehicles and Vessels (1)

Episode VII gave us some upgraded versions of classic craft in the opening sequence as well as a handful of new designs later on.

Resurgent-class Battlecruiser

Resurgent-class Star Destroyer

Manufacturer: Kuat-Entralla  Engineering

Length: 2,915 metres

Kylo Ren’s flagship the Finalizer is a powerful battlecruiser built in secret for the First Order. While echoing the design of the Imperial Star Destroyers it is nearly double the length and with much improved armament and shielding. The warship features a tiered design, allowing for faster deployment of fighters from launching racks, but also allowed a skilled enemy pilot to manoeuvre through the superstructure of the ship itself. It is unknown how many ships of this class exist.

Atmospheric Assault Lander

Manufacturer: Sienar-Jaemus Army Systems

Length: 18 metres

A starkly practical design, the AAL allows for the rapid deployment of troops onto the battlefield. It carries two squads of stormtroopers, which are rapidly deployed from it’s forward ramp. It carries an anti-personnel blaster to protect its troops, but relies on it’s speed and armament for protection, long enough for troops to exit before returning to safety.

Upsilon-class shuttle

Manufacturer: Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems

Height: 37 metres (with wings extended)

An imposing shuttle/transport equipped with the latest in sensor and weapons technology the Upsilon class was reserved for the most senior commanders. Kylo Ren used a ship of this class as his personal transport

T-70 X-Wing

Manufacture: Incom-FreiTek

Length: 12.5 metres

A continuation of the T-65 model used by the Rebellion, the T-70 boasted an improved split-engine design and improved weapons. The model was widely used by the New Republic until the development of the T-85 which replaced it. The resource-strapped Resistance acquired a fleet of outdated T-70s from sympathetic senators who donated the older ships to their cause including Poe’s Black One customised ship equipped with a sensor-baffling black paint-job.

  • In Legends

Image result for pellaeon class

The Imperial remnant largely stuck with Imperial class Star Destroyers as their power base gradually dwindled, eventually upgrading to the Imperial-III class. There were individuals who carried personalised ships, but these were largely dreadnoughts or superweapons. In the Legacy comics (set 130 years after Episode-IV) the Empire used the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer.

I couldn’t find an analogue for the AAL, apart from maybe the Y-4 Raptor, but that only really featured in one book. Again with shuttles the Imperial Remnant largely stuck with Lambda-class shuttles. Legacy introduce the Nune-class shuttle, which also doubled as a troop transport.

In Legends the New Republic introduced a variety of fighter such as the E-Wing, but also largely stuck to X-Wing designs such as the XJ series pictured here. A model called the StealthX was released with sensor-jamming design similar to Poe’s ship – this model was used almost exclusively by Jedi. In Legacy there was a model of ship called the TwinTail that featured an X design…you can start to tell I really liked the Legacy comics!!!

Star Wars posters, box art and cast photo!!

A slew of small, but significant images have been released recently, no doubt you’ve already seen them but here’s my take on it all. 

Foreign posters for The Last Jedi(s)

The plurality of the word Jedi gave the film some ambiguity – but in the words of Raj Koothrapali “now it’s biguous, what’re you gonna do about it?!” In a way I preferred the thought of it just being about Luke but then I do want the Jedi to continue so it’s cool either way.
Force Friday box  art 

The next image that’s hot people buzzing is this year’s box art revealed on Force Friday. The image seems to have added to the Rey must be Luke’s daughter theory. To my mind this doesn’t prove anything, barring Rey’s hair these images could all come from Episode VII and the fact that she has Luke’s saber doesn’t prove anything – he has his green one so naturally she would use Anakin’s, at least until she gets her own. With the film’s title I think there’s more strength to my belief that Rey is Luke’s last surviving apprentice and he abandoned her on Jakku after the other Knights were slaughtered.

Han Solo movie cast photo 

Not as much to say about this except it’s happening!! Alden is definitely looking the part here, hoping we’ll get more of a tease at Celebration soon.

Star Wars: Episode VIII title!!

Lucasfilm have released the title for the next Star Wars film, which is…

The internet is full of speculation – mostly about the red lettering!!

The title is interesting, a bit less grandiose than other titles, but perhaps more intriguing.

I think it’s a clear reference to Luke , showing that the trilogy is going to continue to be Luke-centric but hopefully giving him just a tad more screen time!!

My favourite theory is that Luke will forge a new light side order beginning with Rey, making him definitively the last Jedi. 

Whatever it is I can’t wait!!

The Force Awakens: Characters (4)

Kylo Ren

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Homeworld: Unknown

Occupation: Knight of Ren

The dark warrior known as Kylo Ren was born and raised as Ben Solo, son of Han Solo and Leia Organa. At some point in his youth he was sent to his uncle Luke Skywalker for Jedi training. While training he came under the influence of the dark side wielder Snoke, who corrupted his view of his parents and the galaxy. Ben cast off his former life, butchering the rest of the Jedi trainees and becoming Kylo Ren, looking to Vader for inspiration. When a map to Skywalker was found he lead the hunt for it following Rey and BB-8 from Jakku to Takodana. After returning to Starkiller base Rey’s Jedi powers emerged and she escaped. In his hunt for her he confronted his father and killed him, believing this would make him strong. Injured during the battle he confronted Rey and Finn, but was defeated when Rey drew on the Force. After the battle Snoke gave orders for him to come directly to him for training.

Species: Human 

Sex: Female

Homeworld: Unknown.

Occupation: Head of Stormtrooper division 

A Stormtrooper from the days of the Empire Phasma rose through the ranks to lead all Stormtrooper operations on Starkiller command. While a decorated officer, she refuses the uniform of command, taking the title Captain and wearing Stormtrooper armour cast in Chromium from Palpatine’s personal shuttle. An imposing figure she lead Stormtrooper forces into battle personally and regularly patrolled her base. Phasma oversaw the mission to Jakku and observed Finn’s hesitation, she ordered him for reconditioning, which promoted his escape. On Starkiller base she was ambushed by Chewbacca and forced at gunpoint to lower the shields, which she did believing the Resistance had no hope of penetrating the base. 

  • Legends 

The Solo family met tragedy in the Starkiller battle (and presumably more to come following the real life tragedy of Carrie Fisher) but I would argue that their Legends counterparts had an even more tragic history.

Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Skywalker 

Han and Leia had three children; twins Jaina and Jacen and their younger brother Anakin. All three were strong in the Force and were targets of the Imperial Remnant leaders – including Thrawn and the reborn Emperor. During the Yuuzhan Vong war Anakin was killed in battle against the invaders. Jacen eventually ended the war, becoming a living weapon through the Force. His experience led him to seek other paths to knowledge and he renamed himself Darth Caedus believing the Sith path was the only way to achieve galactic stability. His sister Jaina was forced to confront and kill her brother to end a civil war, leaving her the only surviving child.

Also curiously Luke Skywalker had a son who he named Ben

The Force Awakens: Characters (3)


Species: Human
Sex: Male 

Homeworld: Unknown 

Occupation: Stormtrooper turned Resistance fighter 

FN-2187 was the designation given to a child taken from his family at birth then raised and indoctrinated to fight for the First Order.

When training in battle simulations he was praised for his combat effectiveness but criticised for prioritizing his squad mates lives ahead of the mission. Eight-Seven had a range of mission experiences from storming a New Republic outpost to working sanitation on Starkiller base.

His squad was deployed to Jakku, shocked by the death of his comrades he saw and refused to participate in the slaughter of civilians. Fearful of being discovered he rescued Poe Dameron, who gave him the name Finn and crashed on Jakku.

Believing Poe to be dead he made his way to Niima outpost where he ran into Poe’s droid BB-8 and Rey. When the First Order assaulted the outpost they escaped on the Millennium Falcon encountering Han Solo, death gangs and nearly being consumed by Rathtars in the process.

After safely arriving on Takodana Finn planned to hide in the Outer Rim but returned to the fight when Rey was kidnapped. He gave vital Intel to the Resistance before returning to Starkiller base to rescue Rey. He forced Captain Phasma to lower the shields then helped critically damage the thermal oscillator with Rey. 

After witnessing Kylo Ren kill Han he ran into the woods with Rey. After battling Kylo Ren he was seriously injured and is currently undergoing surgery at Resistance headquarters. 

You can read about Finn’s time as a Stormtrooper in Before the Awakening