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Sluggish Reaction: D23 Rise of Skywalker trailer

I’m sure I’m the last person in the world to comment on this (I’ve been busy okay?!) but nonetheless I wanted to process my thoughts on the Rise of Skywalker trailer shown at D23

It’s great to see the gang together at last. I think this scene on Passana is going to be fun. The green chalk reninds me of the Hulk parade from Thor: Ragnarok and I can imagine the heroes trying to find their contact and getting separated during whatever festivities are going on, maybe picking up a new ally on the way.

We see a ragtag Resistance fleet here. I like the idea that it’s the Tantive IV that we’re seeing here, alongside a cool new ship. While I was excited to see B-Wings and Y-Wings I’m not sure how I feel about reusing Original Trilogy fighters. Personally I always prefer to see original designs, something the Sequel Era has been lacking

My guess at the moment is that the fleet is after this bunch of Imperial-I clas Star Destroyers. My thanks to Adam Odle on Twitter for clarifying which type as I’ve always struggled to tell the difference – link below if you do too.

Finn and newcomer Jannah onboard a Resistance ship, possibly that new design, looking at the Star Destroyers. My guess is that the Resistance are trying to capture them as they look hidden or abandoned. They reminded me of the Katana fleet from Legends. Ekharts Ladder did an excellent video about this which I’ll embed at the bottom of this post.

I don’t know what to make of C-3PO’s red eyes. I’m inclined to think that it’s a red herring but part of me wants to see threepio go all killer droid or something!!

I like this scene of Rey training, very likely with Leia as the background matches the brief shot of Carrie Fisher. The red tag thing looks very cool but I doubt it means anything (remember her staff, which was just a staff).

This shot hadn’t been talked about much but I find it interesting. I think it’s unlikely they’ll introduce a new superweapon but this is a beam not a bolt like most turbolasers, even the Dreadnought, so I’m interested to see what caused this

Rey fighting Kylo on what is almost definitely the Death Star II is awesome!!! The fight looks raw and epic like their battle on Starkiller

We fade out to Palpatine’s words “you’re journey nears its end.” My guess is this is another misdirect and that he is speaking to Kylo not Rey.

And finally the image that took the internet by storm even before it was released. Every theory under the sun is out there. A vision seems the obvious answer but I think it could be real. My current theory is that Rey is infiltrating a First Order base by stealing the cloak and saber – once she’s rumbled she lights up and fights her way out.

And that’s it. If you have any thoughts about my thoughts drop me a comment.


My Two Credits: Why I DON’T want a KoTOR movie


Something I hear a lot, especially about the Benioff/Weiss Star Wars project is that people want it to be a ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ movie. While I really want the ancient Jedi to be explored I don’t want a remake of this game, no matter how good it is, and I think there is plenty of potential to explore in this era beyond just this one story.

Anyway, there are some of my takes on the idea of a KoTOR movie – I’d love to hear yours in the comments!

Species of the week: Vurk


Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Sembla

Notable members: Coleman Trebor

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: Attack of the Clones


The Vurk are a reptilian species with a large distinctive crest on their heads. They were thought by some to be primitive but were highly empathic and were skilled at inter-species mediation. Jedi Master Coleman Trebor was the only known Vurk to join the Jedi Order

I’ve been rewatching Episode II and I enjoyed revisiting this Parasaurolophus-looking Jedi. I remember thinking he looked cool and getting excited to see him draw his lightsaber only for him to be immediately gunned down by Jango Fett!!

Species of the week: Nuknog


Designsation: Sentient

Homeworld: Sump

Notable Members: Ark Roose

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones


The Nuknog are a reptilian species native to the planet Sump. They are short in stature and have smaller brains relative to their heads than most species meaning that many struggle in civilised society and are often short tempered. The Podracer Ark ‘Bumpy’ Roose was a successful member of their species who competed in many races.

I’m rewatching Attack of the Clones at the moment and I enjoyed seeing all the background races of Coruscant. I clocked one of these guys hanging out with a bunch of Dugs at Dex’s Diner

Sluggish Reaction: Spider-Man Far From Home

I went to see the latest Spider-Man installment recently and it didn’t disappoint. With the announcement of Phase 4 recently I observed that I’ve got Marvel fatigue in the sense that I don’t really get hyped for the movies going in but I always enjoy them coming out and this was no exception.

To be clear it will be full on SPOILERS from here on, but I think I’m safe to comment by now!!

I’m a bit ambivalent about how they handled the ‘blip.’ I thought making it a comedy moment after a the heaviness of Endgame was good and I like how they confirmed that all the main cast got ‘blipped’ too and introduced age gaps which again worked for comedic effect and the tone of the film.

I would have liked a moment where the loss is dealt with, particularly with Peter and May – there wasn’t really time in Endgame to tell that personal story – I was hoping we’d get another Ant-Man film or series to see him deal with the loss of Cassie’s childhood but that isn’t going to happen so I hoped this movie might fill the gap a bit.

Also an explanation as to why May’s ok with him being Spider-Man now would have been appreciated by me.

I liked Mysterio a whole lot and the twist in his character. I knew he was a villain in comics but him presenting himself as an alternate-reality version sold me on his hero persona.

The name drop of Earth-616 was cool but I’m glad it wasn’t real in the end…too confusing!!

I really liked the illusions idea and bringing back the guy from the first Iron Man was a great touch. It was a bit far-fetched but I can suspend my disbelief a little more in a comic book movie!

I was a bit confused by how he died. It felt a bit quick and jarring, especially tying in to the post-credits scene.

I liked the Elementals plotline, even if it did turn out to be fake. I thought it was great to see Peter put up against threats he couldn’t handle and see him use his powers to save people instead and use his brains to plan a strategy.

Overall I thought the film did a great job. There were some great comedy moments along with an emotional arc for Peter dealing with the loss of a mentor and having big shoes to fill, and ultimately proving to himself that he was the right man for the job.

Ok and let’s talk about those post-credits scenes which may be the biggest yet in terms of impact. First we have the return of JK Simmonds as Jonah Jameson outing Peter then the revelation that Nick Fury was a Skrull the entire time (and possibly longer?).

My guess is this will tie into the recently announced Thor: Love and Thunder. In the comics Fury was hidden on the moon with an LMD replacing him on Earth, events that followed led to Jane Foster taking the mantle of Thor.

And I’m done. Another fun ride from Marvel wrapping up Phase 3 nicely.

Species of the Week: Geonosian

Related image

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Geonosis

Notable Members: Archduke Poggle the Lesser

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: Attack of the Clones, The Clone Wars, Darth Vader


Geonosians were an insectoid race native to Geonosis and arid, desert planet. They lived in a hive culture with Queens ultimately in control over various castes including mindless worker drones, winged soldiers and administrators who wielded significant power. They rose to prominence due to their large  factories which mass-produced battle droids for the Seperatists. After the conclusion of the war the Empire sterilized the whole planet to preserve their secrets and the race became extinct apart from one solitary queen.

I’m watching the Clone Wars series for the first time and I really enjoyed the invasion of Geonosis. The big-scale battle was well done and the horror element as the clones sneak through the cave while being attacked by solider drones popping out of the shadows. Like most fans I gripe about Episode 2 but the Geonosians were a great design.


Sluggish Reaction: Indepedence Day Resurgence

Image result for independence day resurgence

I caught up on Independence Day: Resurgence when it was shown on TV and after it had sat in my DVR box for a while. Watching it confirmed my decision after watching the trailer that it would be a fun watch, but not worth shelling out to see at the cinema.

Image result for independence day resurgence

The whole setup of humanity being united and better equipped but then easily overcome by a much bigger spaceship felt too much like a rehash of the first one. Humanity had all these amazing weaponry but they basically did nothing with it and were on the ropes quickly. Of course the whole underdog thing is more compelling viewing but it just felt repetitive to me.

Image result for independence day resurgence

What they should have done, in my opinion, is spend more time on the mystery of this alien object that they shot down. This to me was much more intriguing and as the movie ended with the promise of humanity taking the fight into outer space that suddenly got me interested but far too late into the movie.

IDR Mothership

The film managed to capture what the first one did so well, massive destruction. I have to admit I was impressed with the scale of the mothership but the problem is it’s been released after two decades of disaster movies so the devastation it’s landing caused didn’t have anything new to offer in terms of spectacle, no matter how well executed the sequence was.

IDR gun

Again the whole technology thing didn’t really work for humanity. Most of the tense moments came around them charging these giant guns, which were always destroyed first. I just couldn’t stop thinking they if it takes ten seconds to charge shouldn’t you have been charging them ten seconds ago?!!

For a fun evening watch on TV it was just fine, but that’s all it was and it’s unfortunate it had such big shoes to fill and that it took too long to still be relevant. I do hope they make a third so I can see the fight go to space and I look forward to seeing it eventually from the comfort of my own home!

Sluggish Reaction: Tomb Raider (movie)

Image result for tomb raider

So I’ve been catching up on my video game adaptations recently!! I’ve had this on my Netflix watchlist for a while and finally got around to watching it. It was a fun ride and I was glad to hear from Movie News Net that a sequel is in the works.


Richard Croft

After her father goes missing Lara abandons her life as an heiress and makes a living as a courier while keeping up her martial arts and agility as well as her keen mind and ability to solve puzzles. The latter comes into effect when she is compelled to declare her father dead in-absentia  and uncovers a puzzle that leads her to an ancient tomb where an ancient Japanese Empress with the power to kill with merely a touch is said to be buried.

I thought the plot opened up well and built up to the final confrontation as well as setting up for a larger conflict, which again I’m relieved to hear is going ahead.

Lara Croft

Image result for tomb raider movie lara

I liked Lara’s portrayal in the film by Alicia Vikander. She struck a good balance between posh and relatable with her character having seen how the other half lived. Also, reflecting the change in direction for the game franchise Lara is tough but certainly not invincible, she is agile but not superhuman and she is skilled but not infallible and when she took up her bow it was refreshing to see her miss some shots rather than turn into Hawkeye with no context.

All her skills were set up by either flashbacks to her life at Croft Manor or by her street-smart life as a young adult. She looked scared when things were scary and acted out of necessity. The more down to earth approach worked well for the film.


Image result for tomb raider movie oh come on

For the most part the action was fine. As I said Lara didn’t abruptly become some sort of superhero and the fighting felt realistic for what you’d expect from an inexperienced yet very capable and determined young hero. The one downside for me was the set-piece with the broken plane which just went on for far too long – in fact I shouted “Oh, come on!” at the exact same time as Lara, which just took me out of the movie.


The movie was good…not great, but good. Unlike Assassin’s Creed I couldn’t put my finger on any major flaws and I perfectly enjoyed it. It didn’t blow me away, but then I wasn’t asking it to. I enjoy the games but I’m not a diehard fan so I don’t have any attachment to them for this film to fulfil or disappoint. What I was expecting was an engaging action film with a strong female lead and on that score it absolutely delivered.