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Sluggish Reaction: Comic Con 2019

So San Diego Comic Con has come again. I’ve been loosely following the action and thought I’d share my thoughts on some of the panels and reveals.

The first news I picked up was the Star Wars publishing panel which revealed The Rise of Kylo Ren detailing Ben Solo’s fall and clearly featuring the Knights of Ren. It’s written by Charles Soule who’s work on the Darth Vader run has consistently received high praise.

Allegiance was also announced as a preview to the upcoming film. I’m most intrigued by the Mon Calamari character next to Rose. The previously announced Resistance Reborn is set to feature the Resistance recruiting the Mon Calamari so this could connect to that. My hope is that this character is Ackbar’s nephew and takes up his mantle. Also Rey fighting a monster looks awesome!!

Unsurprisingly Marvel came out swinging with this Timeline. It’s interesting to see them drop to two movies a year from the three we’re used to and to see TV ranked alongside big screen releases.

Naturally most of the attention went to Natalie Portman taking the role of Thor. It’s hard to nail down what I’m most excited about – I don’t really get hyped for Marvel films any more – I just know I’ll enjoy them when I see them!! If I had to pick I’d say Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness because I love the ’60s comic sound of the title.

Also the mention of Fantastic Four, Blade and ‘mutants’ shows that Marvel will be alive and kicking for some time to come.

I hate the whole talk of ‘winning’ Comic Con but the standout for me was the trailer for Picard. I’m not a Trekkie but watching TNG every evening is very memorable for me so seeing a new show with classic elements got me really excited!!

Ok that’s all I’ve got – no doubt I’ve missed something important out. Let me know in the comments!


Species of the week: Pahvan

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Pahvo

Fandom: Star Trek

Appearances: Star Trek Discovery

The Pahvans are a planet-wide network of noncorporeal beings who exist in perfect harmony. Manifesting as a blue cloud they were able to communicate with other species when they came into direct contact. Despite their lack of bodies they were able to build physical constructs including a transmitter calling other races to join them in harmony.

The Pahvans felt familiar to me, but I can’t put my finger on what they remind me of. I guess any noncorporeal entity is going to look pretty similar and I do love an alien that is truly alien to even a multi-species Federation

Species of the Week: Gormagander

Image result for gormagander

Designation: non-sentient

Homeworld: Unknown, possibly none

Fandom: Star Trek

Appearances: Star Trek Discovery


Gormaganders are large creatures the size of a small spaceship who dwell in the open reaches of space. They were endangered,  partially because of hunting, but also because their need to seek out alpha particles, their main source of food, overrode all their other instincts, including reproduction. Encounters of these creatures were extremely rare and any discovery prompted recovery to a xenologic facility under the Endangered Species Act.

Image result for gormagander

I do love a good space whale, and I respect that Star Trek: Discovery were gutsy enough to just call it such in the episode. I think as long as they’re not overused within the fictional universe they belong to (something I think Star Wars is at risk of) then they are a fascinating idea to explore and I always like seeing new and original designs on the concept.

Species of the week: Kelpien

Image result for kelpien

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Kaminar

Notable members: Commander Saru

Fandom: Star Trek

Appearances: Star Trek: Discovery


Kelpiens are a species native to the agrarian world of Kaminar. On their world there are only predators or prey and their species are the prey. As such they have extremely heightened sense and abilities including threat ganglia that instinctively raise in the presence of danger. Very few of their species venture offworld and Saru was the first member to leave and join Starfleet.

I’m getting into Star Trek: Discovery and I like the design of Saru who has a modern aesthetic that still would feel at home with classic Trek races.

Watch “Star Trek: Discovery | Teaser [HD] | Netflix” on YouTube

When I first heard about this series I was doubtful buy the story and production value look good.

Interesting to have a lead character not be the captain, I’m not sure where they’re going with the whole reverse-Spock thing but it looks interesting.

If it comes to Netflix I’ll definitely be giving it a watch, I wonder if it will succeed in appealing to new fans and Trekkies alike

IRL: Ferengi

I learned about this in


I only came across this term recently in the novel Blue Horizon. It was a term used in the Middle East to refer to Europeans, particularly of traders.

The Ferengi


A race introduced in The Next Generation but featured prominently in Deep Space Nine this Alien race was mercantile to its core, even down to their religion. Their personal and species-wide goal was solely the pursuit of profit.