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Species of the week: Melbu


Designation: Sentient

Notable members: Auromae Iselo

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: Solo, The Mandalorian


Melbu are a sentient humanoid species distinguished by their large eyes and respirator horns which form an essential part of their breathing, though they also possess mouths and offworld Melbu will wear custom breath-masks which connect to their horns and their faces. Their horns are such a distinctive feature that individuals such a Cloud Rider Auromae Iselo must mask them to hide their identity. 

I loved the design of the Melbu, and seeing the same character pop up as a bounty hunter in The Mandalorian was awesome. I also adore the story of it’s design which is based on a sketch that Jake Lunt Davies’ daughter drew and asked him to put into the film (below). He turned it into a concept sketch and it made it into the final cut as a fully realised alien – awww!!

melbu early sketch

Species of the week: Mudhorn


Designation: Non-sentient

Homeworld: Arvala-7

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Mandalorian


The mudhorn is a powerful creature with a fearsome reputation. It’s name comes from the oversized horn which it uses to inflict serious damage on enemies. It has a thick, shaggy hide which is resistant to blaster fire. Despite being mammalian in appearance it reproduces by laying eggs, which are considered a delicacy by Jawas.

I loved the mudhorn sequence and particularly the fact that ol’ Mando didn’t have an easy time and could well have been beaten  by the creature without the Child’s intervention.

Species of the week: Ravinak


Designation: Non-sentient

Homeworld: Maldo Kreis

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Mandalorian


Ravinaks are large predators that swim beneath the ice of Maldo Kreis. Immensely powerful and equipped with two enormous tusks they are capable of breaking through the ice to bring down speeders and even freighters in order to devour their occupants. 

I just loved the design of the Ravinaks, when I saw the speeder pilot go down I was expecting some generic sci-fi giant snake creature (which I would have been fine with) but to see this walrus-faced creature emerge from the ice was a shock and in a really good way!!

Species of the week: Mythrol


Designation: Sentient

Notable members: Junn Gobint

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Mandalorian, The Rise of Skywalker


Mythrol are a blue-skinned humanoid species with amphibian and insectoid traits. They go through developmenatal stages with fledgling Mythrol sporting facial fins, which thye would later molt and form barbs on their faces. Indecent beings from other races would sometimes prey on Mythrol and harvest their musk.

I’m really enjoying getting into The Mandalorian so you’re pretty much just gonna get species from that for the nest few weeks! I liked the nice bit of connectivity with this race between the series and The Rise of Skywalker

Species of the week: Gree

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Gree

Notable members: Lalat’k, Beltek’k

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: The Old Republic,

The Gree are a species who rose to power long before the Republic was founded. They were cephalopods with six tentacles, two of which they used for movement and the rest for manipulation of objects. They established a vast civilization with advanced technology around 100,000 years BBY. After coming into conflict with other races such as the Rakata they retreated into seclusion. While they no longer held dominance their technology still made them beings of interest and during the Sith-Republic Cold War both sides competed to gain access to Gree technology. By the time of the Empire they were notable for historic interest only

The Gree are now Canon thanks to the visual dictionary for The Rise of Skywalker which states that their neural activity works in a similar way to Sith wayfinders

My Two Credits: Is Revan fully Sith now?


Chances are you already know that Revan, the protagonist of the fan-favourite game Knights of the Old Republic is Canon again thanks to a reference in the Visual Dictionary for The Rise of Skywalker. And we know for sure that in the new Canon he was Darth Revan, Lord of the Sith.

Revan Legion

So the Sith Troopers are divided into legions named after ancient Sith. Some of the names are new, but others like Andeddu and Tenebrous are returning from Legends and a few other references to ancient Sith and Jedi alike are made throughout the book. But Revan is a standout fan-favourite and it is exciting to hear the name in Canon again.

Now before I jump in with my speculation I’ll be clear that I believe this is just a chance to give a cool nod to fans and it is likely that we won’t hear anything more or Revan, at least for some time especially with the shift in focus to The High Republic (a good move in my opinion).


But with Revan being the name of a Legion of Sith loyalists comes a potential change to his story. The main revelation in the game is that your character was Darth Revan, leader of the Sith whose memory was erased by the Jedi. He embraced the light once more and vanquished his former ally Darth Malak, bringing an end to the Sith Wars…then fending off the True Sith Emperor for 300 years…then returning and going a bit weird (I haven’t played TOR much!)

The point is that the return to the light is the pivotal moment in Revan’s storyline but for him to be the name of an entire Legion of Sith soldiers, does that mean his story has changed? What is now Revan is truly a Sith who, at one time, conquered the galaxy with the aid of Rakatan technology (the Rakata, we know, are also Canon). This is very interesting to me and a story featuring Revan the conqueror would be exciting to watch or read!!

Revan Sith

Of course another possibility is that the Sith never knew about his return to the light. He might have always been masked and therefore when an unmasked Revan turned on the Sith no one knew who he was and assumed he was just a powerful Jedi and therefore Revan’s legacy, to the Sith eyes, remained untarnished.

Perhaps that’s more likely but I’ve said before that if they do reintroduce the character I don’t want it to be in a KoTOR adaptation (see my opinion on that in the video linked below) but in something new. Perhaps in the way they brought Thrawn back, but in the Imperial era instead of harassing the New Republic, they could find a creative way to introduce the character into a new story.

What do you think? Will we see Revan anytime soon? Will he stay a Sith Lord or still return to the light?

Species of the week: Bith

Bith Jedi

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Bith

Notable members: Fig’rin Dan

Fandom: Star Wars

Appearances: A New Hope, The High Republic


The Bith are  humanoid species hailing from a planet of the same name, also known as Clak’dor, in the Outer Rim. They are hairless and lack eyelids and noses, using sensory glands under their skin folds to smell. Due to their sensitive and acute hearing many Bith are known as talented musicians, scientists and engineers. 

I was encouraged to see a Bith Jedi in the concept art for The High Republic along with a few other classic and new species taking up the blade – seeing this reminds me of when Legends was at it’s best and I’m really hopeful for this project.

Sluggish Reaction: Star Wars The High Republic

The High Republic

Last night saw the long-awaited reveal of Project Luminous a crossover story for books and comics and possibly more in the future. The idea of the High Republic had been circulating for a while but this is the first official reveal and it looks incredible!!


All this buzz has got me excited and gave me the same kind of feel I got when Legends series like The New Jedi Order, Legacy or Dawn of the Jedi were announced. Honestly I’ve not been interested in any of the novels or comics published in the new Canon. I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve read and heard good things about others but with the films taking centre stage and with most literature being tie-in none of it has felt like essential reading to me.

Until now.


So this news came out while I was fast asleep and I’ve been scrambling to keep up with the news. I’m not going to break down everything just give my reactions and gut feeling to the information that has come out. If you want a detailed breakdown of all the news I’d recommend Star Wars News Net’s article which I’ll link to HERE

Three novels have been announced aimed at different age ranges; Light of the Jedi (Charles Soule) Into the Dark (Claudia Gray) and A Test of Courage (Justina Ireland). All these authors have received high praise so I’m confident they’ll produce something high quality.

Something all these stories have in common in their descriptions is a disruption in Hyperspace and an event called the Great Disaster. Charles Soule mentioned that the villains can use Hyperspace in a unique way which I think must be connected to this. They speak of a Wild West feel where the Jedi move from the civilized galaxy to patrol the wild frontier – this whole premise is really exciting as it gives scope for adventures on big and small scale as the adventuring Jedi set out to bring peace and justice to the lawless frontier. Yes please!!

Speaking of villains we got some information about The Nihil, described as ‘Space Vikings’ they are a multi-species group out to pillage the galaxy for themselves. They feature front and centre on the cover for the Marvel comic, I doubt it’s written from their perspective but it looks like we’ll get to see the Jedi tangle with these which should make for some fun visual battles. There is also a High Republic Adventures comic for younger readers.

And this is just the beginning, called the first ‘phase’. There are rumours that this era will feature a video game and even a film down the line but I’d be happy if it just carries on as a publishing era.


The visual look of these Jedi and the citizens around look amazing with concept artists from the films like Ian McCaig and Doug Chiang producing concepts for the look and feel of the Jedi. I’m particularly enjoying the gilded robes and cool crossguard style lightsabers wielded by some of the Jedi. Again it just screams of a different time, a time of peace and opulence. I think the team have captured this visually so well as well and there are some concepts of some creepy and whacky things out in the galaxy.

Creepy Concept

This is just so exciting and really reminds me of the EU Days when writers first started to explore the past and far future of Star Wars and it felt like anything was possible. I wasn’t sure if books and comics could fill the void till 2022 but this has given me a real buzz. One of the most intriguing statements I heard was that the story features ‘what the Jedi fear the most.’


I think it ties into this early teaser for the project teased last year. I think the thing the Jedi fear the most is losing the Force and this might happen, which could make the threat of the Nihil even greater if the Jedi are forced (pun intentional) to work without it for whatever reason.

Whatever direction this takes it’s going into new territory and I can’t wait!!