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Star Wars Celebration: Rebels Season 4 trailer!!


You’re only posting about his now – have you been living under a rock or something?!!

No, sarcastic reader, I was in South Africa, on a game reserve with Warthogs and Hornbills wandering around as I eat breakfast…still feeling smug huh?

Anyway I’m catching up on the panels but in the meantime here’s the trailer for Rebels which was been confirmed as the final season – wonder where they’re going to go next.

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 58

Managing to squeeze this one in before the new series starts in a few weeks!

Shoal of the Winter Harmony 

Brains with eyes… just goes to show how good Who is at taking something completely stupid and just making it work. It seems the more ridiculous the concept the better it pays off. These brains in jars were suitably menacing and provided much clearer concept and entertainment value than done of the more realistic species encountered.

The Shoal of the Winter Harmony were a race of fully intelligent central nervous systems. Able to exist independently with their own eyes and mouths the species were able to inhabit a body as their ‘brain’. They invaded planets by capturing the bodies of global leaders.

Halo Nightfall: Species 

What better way to finish 2016 then to round off a series of posts.

Halo Nightfall gave us a glimpse at a wider range of alien races than seen in the games.



Yonhet are a humanoid race who existed as part of the Covenant fringe. Their population and skills were not significant enough to make them part of the Covenant military, but their skills in uncovering items of interest meant they could act with some autonomy within the structure of their hierarchy.


In their desperation to destroy the Flood the Forerunners developed many plans, including adapting primitive Lekgolo worms to fight the parasite. The plan failed but the creatures were incredibly resilient, with a colony surviving the destruction of Alpha Halo, where they were housed. The colony could combine to imitate the form of it’s victims, including animals and humans.

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 57

With the new Christmas special imminent I thought I’d try do a quick catch-up on the aliens from the last series. 

Quantum Shade 

At first the Quantum Shade seemed cool and a good plot device but when you over think it it starts to look dumb. Why would a creature exist just to silently execute people, and if it can pair with you and track you anywhere why give such a ridiculously long countdown?

A Quantum Shade paired with it’s victims, capable of finding them anywhere in the universe and instantly killing any of its victims when their time was up.


I thought this race was quite original – OK they’re based on the two-headed god called Janus- but they’re a bit unusual even for Doctor Who! The second head telling the future was an interesting feature.

Janus are two-headed humanoid beings, with their second head facing backwards and able to see into the future. Because of this ability they were often exploited.

Cloister Wraiths 

I honestly can’t remember these, it’s been such a ridiculously long time – they were creepy…I think!

Cloister Wraiths are semi-sentient constructs containing the minds of deceased Time Lords and others who enter their domain.

In the fun Christmas special we also got this guy, I liked the touch about his kids eating the mother, probably supposed to make him seem evil but it seems accurate for an insectoid race.

The 100: Series 3

The third series pushed things a lot harder, with Clarke pushed to the edge after her devastating decision in the last episode of series 2. I thought that Bellamy’s change of loyalty was a bit contrived but the other characters like Jasper and Monty were really pushed to the limit in a believable way.


The Ice Nation were the key antagonists for the first half of the series, driving a wedge between the Ark survivors and Trikru, with whom they had an alliance. One of the most powerful clans, they sought to take command from Lexa until she killed their queen. 

Pike and Farm Station

The next set of antagonists came from within. The survivors of Farm Station crashed in Azgeda territory and had a brutal fight to survive. This fight hardened those left, including Christopher Pike and Monty’s mother. Pike swayed Arkadia’s populace into voting him Chancellor and he took action against the Grounders, believing that wiping them out was the only way to survive.

Luna and Floukru 

We finally got to see Luna and the boat clan who’ve been hinted at since the first series. Living on an oil rig they are lead by Luna, who rejected the path of the Commander, choosing to live in isolation. When Clarke asked her to take the flame she refused after seeing the violence brought about by fighting ALIE.


We finally got to see Grounder city in this series. Set amid the remains of a city devastated by Nuclear war it’s one tower served as Lexa’s throne room, where the coalition was headed. The city also served as a trading hub where the different clans came together.

ALIE and ALIE 2.0

ALIE was an artificial intelligence created by Becca to save humanity. Deciding that the problem was ‘too many people’s she accessed Earth’s military networks and initiated a nuclear war that reduced the population to a handful of survivors. Her creator’s response was to create a new AI that fused with a human, making its needs the same as humanity’s. Becca fused the AI to herself and rallied the survivors – becoming the first Commander. When ALIE took control of the populations of both Polis and Arkadia, using the network City of Light which eliminated pain if users relinquished control, Clarke temporarily became Commander and finally removed the threat.

Clarke’s victory looks to be short lived as ALIE revealed another impending Nuclear meltdown in her final bid for control.

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 56


When the Doctor described this monster as ‘sentient sleep dust’ I honestly thought he was joking! The walking CG zombies were suitably scary and the whole transmission thing was cool, but the whole concept was ridiculous even by  Who standards.
Sandmen was the given name of a dangerous side effect of the Morpheus project which helped people live without sleep. Collective sleep dust accumulated and gained sentience – able to appear as humanoid forms or even completely human. More dangerously they were able to transmit the process that created them as information.

Agents of SHIELD: Characters (11)

Hannah Hutchins

Hannah was the safety inspector at a Particle Accelerator in Utah. After an accident caused the death of her colleagues she was blamed but any time she was approached or threatened her antagonists were rebuffed by invisible forces. She feared she was being haunted or punished until SHIELD helped her.

Tobias Ford

An engineer at the particle accelerator, he would create minor faults in order to spend time with Hannah. As a result of one of these a major accident occurred which, possibly due to the Convergence, caused Tobias to be trapped between two worlds. He briefly hung on to existence, attempting to protect Hannah. When he realised she’d been cleared he finally let go.

Halo Nightfall: Planets

While most of the action took place on a broken shard of a very familiar location we did get to see and hear of some new worlds in the Halo lore.



Sedra is a human colony that escaped destruction by the Covenant. Though not insurrectionists they are very much independent, maintaining their own military and government outside of the UNSC. Sedra has a mixed-species population which made it a target for Covenant renegades to test a bio weapon that only affects humans.



Aleria is another colony world that escaped the Covenant war but was struck by severe drought dramatically reducing the population and average lifespan. As a remote it was left to fend for itself by the UNSC forcing the colonists to take help from disreputable partners, even the Covenant.

Alpha Shard


When Master Chief destroyed the first Halo ring it attempted an emergency Slipspace jump but only a small segment completed the jump as the ring broke apart, which was designated Alpha Shard. The combination of the jump and the devastation created a unique element on it’s surface which was harmful to humans until the deposit was destroyed. Orbiting an uncharted star with an erratic orbit and day/night cycle and populated by Forerunner experiments the charred landscape was described as ‘Hell’ by all who visited it.

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 55

The Mire


The Mire filled the classic Who role of ‘Alien creating menace to give reason for Doctor to meet/save interesting person. They filled it admirably well clonking around in metal suits and had a pretty original look under the hood


The Mire were a warrior race active in the 9th Century. They travelled across space, conquering Planets and assimilating their technology and the biological essence of their warriors to advance their own campaign.



Seemingly straight out of the 90s BBC Narnia costume department this was a race I couldn’t take seriously at all. They filled the role the Mire took but nowhere near as well.

Leonians were a race with advanced capabilities including the creation of portals across vast distances off space. They were also ruthless, punishing failure with death among their own kind