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E3 2017: Halo Wars 2

The Flood are back!!

At first I thought this might just be another multiplayer pack but it promises a full campaign as well as multiplayer combat.

We know the story takes place from the perspective of the Banished who you play as, which is a cool twist. My guess is it’s a prequel and some curious Brutes let a flood specimen out of storage which they then have to contain. I don’t want more than that as it would diminish the Chief’s victory in Halo 3.

This is what DLC should be, adding a fun new perspective that’s optional to play – not adding essential content that makes you feel cheated for buying the full game in the first place.

E3 2017: Destiny 2

We got a new trailer giving us the perspective of Ghaul, the sequel game’s villain. Not much else was given away but that’s to be expected given we had the Destiny 2 event not so long ago.

Ghaul’s perspective is interesting, what I find most intriguing is that seems that he knows as much if not more about the Traveller than the Guardians themselves do – I mean he knows enough to drain the Light for himself and take it from the Guardians.

I like his line ‘you are not brave, you have merely forgotten the fear of death’ – I’ve always loved that Destiny have made respawning a real part of the story so Guardians have died and been revived over and over again so yeah I guess they would get overconfident.

E3 2017: Anthem

At E3 we got a surprise reveal of a new game from BioWare called Anthem

I’m very intrigued by this games, which features combats on customisable exo-suits called Javelins.

The world looks gorgeous and the combat seems like it could be a lot of fun not to mention flying around a huge open world. It does seem to be a departure from BioWare’s other games with co-operative play and no hint of a dialogue system. It’s good that the developers push the envelope, but I do hope this game sticks to BioWare core of driven, emotional storytelling.

My one gripe so far is that the game seems to echo elements from other games:

  • Destiny: It features warriors emerging from a wall that protects the remnants of humanity and obviously the focus on social play
  • Gears of War: The post-apocalyptic setting plus the feral enemies and insane weather seem very reminiscent of Sera
  • Titanfall: The Javelins, while nowhere near as big seem similar to Titans, especially in their weaponry and customisation.

Once I’d made those connections I started to struggle to see what makes this game different.

I haven’t written this game off by any means, and to be fair all we got shown was a brief side mission, but I’m waiting to see more before I can get fully excited about this new title. I have faith in BioWare that they will do so!!

E3 2017: Assassin’s Creed Origins

OK so this one was no mystery as we knew Assassin’s Creed was back and the setting of ancient Egypt had all but been confirmed but it’s still an exciting reveal which surprisingly came in Microsoft’s press conference rather than Ubisoft, though they did show off some more gameplay in theirs.

I really like the setting and the prospect of seeing the Brotherhood’s foundation (though I hope they reference and link to Adam and Eve from Assassin’s Creed II).

The gameplay looks good, though I have to admit that, despite the literal version of Eagle vision – which is a really cool function – it doesn’t seem drastically different from previous games and I really hope this game delivers on breaking from a formula that was starting to get a bit tired…I think. I’m still on Assassin’s Creed III because I lost my saves after it finally became backwards compatible so I am a bit jaded with the franchise at the moment but I can’t deny the trailer still excites me.

Wonder where they’re going with the giant snake thing at the end – looks to have a more mystical element in this game.

E3 2017: Star Was Battlefront II

I thought it was a gutsy move to set nearly the entire trailer in the prequel era, but I have to admit Theed is looking good and the gameplay looks really fun!!

A brief glimpse of story mode showing Iden Versio and her father aboard some kind of spacedock. The action moves too fast to see what’s really going on but I do think the concept of an Imperial perspective plus the between trilogies setting is going to make for a great campaign.

More from E3 soon

Destiny: The Cosmodrome 

I haven’t played since my last post so don’t have anything new to show but I got this S-35 Aeon Glow Sparrow a while back as a Sterling Treasure so I thought I’d share this instead.

The Cosmodrome 

Within reach of the Last City lies the Cosmodrome in what was once Russia. The region displays signs of both humanity’s Golden Age and the Collapse with gleaming launch pads surrounded by rusting vehicles. 

The region houses several key centres including the Skywatch where colonisation efforts were monitored. It is occupied by the Fallen house of Devils, though as I showed in my last post, the Hive and other threats are staking their claim on it too.

Colony Ships 

Standing out above the wasteland are towers, some with unlaunched Colony Ships still attached. These towers spur Guardians on to take humanity’s place among the stars 


A rare resource mastered in the Golden Age this durable metal actually grows as a plant. The art of making Spinmetal is lost but Guardians can find it growing wild across the Cosmodrome.

Watch “Destiny 2 – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer” on YouTube

This is starting to look really epic!!

I just watched the live stream and one of the things that really impressed me was the introduction of adventures adding more content and side missions to the open world. 

The chance to interact with the civilians you were supposed to guard is a welcome addition too.

Gall looks like a powerful adversary,the content shows him forcibly draining the Traveller’s Light for himself. 

New worlds…well moons… to explore and they all look good. I like that the Vanguard are more involved than just people you chat too after a mission. 

Whenever I eventually get round to finishing Destiny I’m glad there’s a cool story-driven sequel to go to next!!!

Star Wars: What’s Canon? (2)

Image result for star wars uprising

Continuing with Uprising I’m going to try and cover the vehicles and droids introduced or re-introduced in this game. There won’t be space to cover the Legends version of all these entries so I’m going to denote a returning droid or vehicle with a (R) to identify that it first appeared in Legends sources.

Vehicles and Vessels

XP-38 Landspeeder (R)

Image result for xp-38 landspeeder

This model of landspeeder was common in the Anoat sector. On Tatooine Luke Skywalker struggled to sell his older X-34 landspeeder due to the popularity of this newer model.

Dynamic-class Freighter (R)

Image result for dynamic class freighter star wars uprising

A model of freighter in common use across the Anoat sector during the time of the Empire.

Allanar-N3 Light Freighter

Image result for allanar n3 light freighter

Originally an Imperial design these ship were used extensively by the Trade Spine League


Large ornate vessels of the outcast Anoat nobility these ships were secretly outfitted with powerful armaments to combat the Star Destroyers of the Iron Blockade.

  • In Legends

Image result for ebon hawk

One item that has to be mentioned is the Dynamic freighter. Like the Hammerhead-cruiser seen in Rogue One this ship first appeared in Knights of the Old Republic which is set about 3000 years before the films. The Ebon Hawk was the personal vessel of the reformed Darth Revan and later his apprentice Meetra Surik who ended the Sith Wars.



Image result for stardrop star wars uprising

A powerful ship-based torpedo. One of these was left undetonated on Hoth and used to arm the Uprising.


3NX-series Protection Droid

Image result for 3nx-series protection droid

A sturdy droid designed to take damage, they weren’t good sellers as they tended to complain when shot.

5M-Sec droid

Image result for 5m-sec droid

A large and well-armed droid use by the Empire to guard key sites.

Hutt Guard Droid (R)

Image result for hutt guard droid

An old model of droid, based on their long-tailed masters these droids still guarded some Hutt holdings.

Also featured were MRK-3 assassin droids, re-programmed 3PO units named Larceny droids and UPR-17 slicing droids


That’ll do for this post I think. There are an absolute ton of planets in this game so I’ll cover them in another post


Halo 5: Characters (2)

In this post I’ll be covering the other key characters who appear in the first mission. None of these are new characters to the franchise, but I haven’t blogged about them before so I’ll give a brief overview here as well as cover their involvement in the game.

Catherine Halsey

H5G - Halsey.jpg

Homeworld: Endymion

Occupation: Founder, SPARTAN-II programme

A scientist of incredible brilliance Halsey was brought into the UNSC to combat the growing insurgency threatening stability. Her solution was to create new soldiers by abducting children with key genetic markers and augmenting them to become the Spartans. When the Covenant arrived her Spartans became the key defence against their onslaught. Despite this in the years after the war she was looked upon with distaste for her actions in creating the soldiers. After years of internment and interrogation by the UNSC she was brought to Requiem, where she was captured by Covenant forces. After Spartan-IVs were sent to assassinate her for her knowledge she briefly turned on them, though always following her own agenda. After leading the Covenant to the Absolute Record, which contained the location of all Forerunner technology, she tried and failed to gain control of it for herself. When Guardians began activating across the galaxy she betrayed her location and became a key ally in the attempt to stop their activation. She is currently on Sanghelios, finally reunited with her most powerful creation – the Master Chief.

You can read about Halsey’s encounter with the absolute record in Halo: Escalation

Thomas Lasky

Thomas Lasky, 2557.png

Homeworld: Mars

Occupation: Captain, UNSC Navy

Thomas Lasky first encountered the Chief as a cadet at the very beginning of the war. He rose through the ranks in the war, serving on the Infinity after the conflict had ended. He was reunited with the Chief and aided him during the battle of Requiem. After his superiors refused to fight the Didact he was given command of the ship and it’s battlegroup. He led a second campaign on Requiem to investigate the planet and root out the Covenant occupation there. When the Guardians activated Lasky co-ordinated the investigation from the Infinity then led a tactical retreat when they reached Earth.

You can see Lasky’s early life in Halo: Forward Unto Dawn

Sarah Palmer

Palmer - Scout.jpg

Homeworld: Luna

Occupation: Commander, SPARTAN-IV programme

After a decorate career as a marine Palmer became one of the first candidates for the SPARTAN-IV programme, quickly rising to become the commander of all forces. She co-ordinated deployment during the Requiem campaign and personally led the mission to assassinate Halsey. She continued to co-ordinate Spartan forces, aiding Fireteam Osiris during the battle of Sunaion.

You can read about Palmer’s rise through the ranks in Halo: Initiation

Jul ‘Mdama


Homeworld: Sanghelios

Occupation: Didact’s Hand

A fierce shipmaster who struggled to find his place after the war. He believed the the Sangheli should finish off humanity while they were in a weakened state, but was met with opposition by the Arbiter. He was briefly imprisoned by the UNSC and learned of Requiem and the Didact. He led a group of his people there, reforming the Covenant to give them strength. Upon encountering the Didact he took the title Didact’s Hand, pledging his people to his service. He continued to occupy the planet Requiem after Didact’s defeat, striving to take the planet’s secrets for his own ends. He worked with Halsey to gain more power until she betrayed his location and he was assassinated by Fireteam Osiris.


Achievement Hunting (7)

Image result for destiny xbox one

Back to Destiny for this post as I picked up a few achievements relatively recently while making progress through this game – nothing too challenging or revalatory but I’ll note them nonetheless

Change of Heart

Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid

I assume this is supposed to be based on character progression and choice but I got this one for recycling a piece of Titan armour I got in the Sterling Treasure boxes back when they were free.

Rising Vanguard

Complete a Strike

This is a standard one you have to unlock as you progress through the game. I recently completed the Strike  on Earth and took out the enormous Sepiks-Prime, Prime Servitor of the House of Devils. It was a fun experience doing a 3-player mission as I mostly tend to solo.

Next achievements post will be Halo: Master Chief Collection